Tales From the Inverted World #6: The Pentagon Sees a Balloon

In June 2021, the Pentagon released a report detailing their latest intel on UFOs. Its brevity left a lot of room for various interpretations and conspiracies. We take …

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6 responses to “Tales From the Inverted World #6: The Pentagon Sees a Balloon”

  1. redrumax says:

    Tim, you should do an episode with Alex Jones about his paranormal experiences. He said multiple times he had multiple experiences. Please do it.

  2. HerrDoktor says:

    Don’t say “conspiracies” when you mean “conspiracy theories.”

    Aside from that, fascinating episode. Thanks for covering it. I’d enjoy full episodes on individual UAP incidents, if that’s feasible for you.

  3. Not sure about aliens, but these sightings need some kind of explanation. Maybe interdimensional. Maybe time travellers (in which case why not space-time travellers?).

    If it’s our government, I wouldn’t be surprised.

    Maybe the woke agenda is a product of the military-industrial-corporatocracy-technocracy complex. Break up these plebs and keep em fighting each other. Maybe it’s all applied tactics learned from psychological and mind-control experiments.

  4. ventornado says:

    My view regarding aliens:
    They exist.
    They are visiting Earth.
    The government knows they are visiting Earth.
    The government does not know why they are visiting Earth, nor will they out right tell the public about aliens.

    We saw what the COVID pandamic did to the populace, sending them into a panic (toilet paper shortage for instance), one could only imagine what would happen if the government flat out said “Oh hey, Aliens”. Don’t get me wrong, there could be no panic whatsoever, but knowing humans, we would probably wanna blow up our visitors regardless if they are friendly or not.

    Also, it would not surprise me if there were secret underwater bases we do not know about. Much of the ocean is unexplored after all, why is it crazy to believe there is some form of underwater base down there?

  5. wedonotkneel says:

    We have lived in rural Michigan for 7+ years. Our property backs up to dense forest & wetlands which lead to a roughly 5 acre pond. Every year we will see a couple oddities in the night sky. There is absolutely nothing balloon or swamp gas related which would explain the movements & accelerations of these seemingly extremely high altitude lights.

  6. Jesusisnotaweapon says:

    I’m not going to say it’s the aliens. But . … Aliens.