Tales From the Inverted World #4: The Hand Behind the Curtain

A prank between two brothers ends tragically. Some people claim the ghost of the boy haunts the house in which he died. Although the small town seems to …

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4 responses to “Tales From the Inverted World #4: The Hand Behind the Curtain”

  1. Kaci says:

    Love this new podcast. Definitely need more episodes!

  2. HerrDoktor says:

    Excellent episode.
    Practically every account of “shadow people” I’ve come across seems to also support the theory that, if sentient, their goal is to get attention and inspire fear. As a result, a likely method for dealing with them is to control emotions and ignore them.

  3. cathy.drazek says:

    Having grown up down the mountain from West Point (part of Monroe-Woodbury School District), spending many weekends up there, and working for the Associate of Graduates at West Point for years, as well as being kinds of a history nerd, I LOVE the stories about West Point and Highland Falls. Being such an insulated little town gives Highland Falls an incredibly unique atmosphere and the intertwined history of Highland Falls, Ft Montgomery, and West Point always fascinate me. I’m pretty sure we probably bumped into each other at some point – maybe at the Park Restaurant or Shades or just walking down the street.

    I remember hearing this story years ago from a girl I worked with at the AoG who happened to have grown up in Fort Montgomery. It always gave me chills.

  4. TheDarkWall says:

    So first off, awesome episode as always. Love what you guys do.

    Second, ima hard segue here back to good old simulation theory. Had a shower thought I wanted your take on. I’m beginning to look at the simulated universe more and more as a potential consequence of failure rather than a question of explaining our universe. Throughout history we’ve always had elites that seek to become quasi gods among men. They look down on those who do not wield the same power as they do and hold them in contempt quite often. This is because should their tyranny and indulgences become too excessive, either another ruler or a mob of the common man shall rip them down from their throne.

    So with the modern elite’s contempt for humanity, seeing it as a blight upon the either, combined with advancement in technology, a question arises. Why not force the common man into the simulation where the elite can become the gods they’ve always wanted to be. Labor will no longer be needed, replaced with automation, and full dive VR is likely around the corner. So what need will they have left for all the useless eaters.

    No idea how likely such a horrible future is to come to pass. But I see that as a potential consequence shall the side of good lose. Which is just another reason why the executioner of humanity will not be some evil dictator, but rather a horde of normies who believe freedom is obselete alongside anything else the establishment tells them to think.