Tales From The Inverted World #3: The Corpse That Danced in Hell’s Kitchen Part 2

An estranged brother tries to hunt down the men responsible for his brother’s murder. He faces death threats, personal demons, and the Irish Mob throughout …

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10 responses to “Tales From The Inverted World #3: The Corpse That Danced in Hell’s Kitchen Part 2”

  1. Jrocks27 says:

    Had to add this. I understand it’s hard to tell a story that sounds as personal as the one about your father being murdered.
    But I’ve heard other vocal storytellers, which there aren’t many today, be able to add the personal inflection as if it happened to them or someone they know.
    I love that you guys are doing this. We cannot lose the art of storytelling.
    PARENTS. Learn some stories to tell, not read to, your kids. It’s the best as a child. I remember that one parent that had all the ghost stories. Would I dare ask him tell one?? 😳😄

  2. Jrocks27 says:

    The art of vocal storytelling has all but been lost. It used to be how we delivered news and our history.
    One suggestion. I think you should try and tell the stories more as if they are your OWN. What do I mean? I watched the writer, Chuck Palahniuk, on Rogan today. He tells a story about his father being murdered. Even though it’s about his father. Not him. He tells it like it’s own story. Because it is.. It sounds personal. The tone in his voice made me really concentrate. That is the only thing i belive that could improve your skill. A little change in tone which would make us all feel as of this story is YOURS. Not that you are just retelling a story.
    It’s constructive criticism. I may be wrong. But something about how he told the story in detail. Much as you told this one. Had a minor change in tone which made me feel like I was hearing something he wanted me to hear and feel. Not just listen to.
    Then again. You are developing this skill as we go along. I’ll be here to listen. Good luck and keep ’em coming!

  3. InconsistentLlama says:

    This man is a legend already. The story is freaking insane, but has one of those feel good endings to it. I’m glad Paul found peace after all the shit he’s been through. And here I thought I had it bad… just proves that no matter how bad you might think you have it, someone always has it worse.

  4. Turk_Longwell says:

    Basketball Diaries and The Sleepers… Two Excellent movies and stories. well, except for the child molestation part, but the revenge of that story was very satisfying.
    Excellent listening here. I wasn’t too excited about it, but Tim kept saying how pumped he was for ‘Tales of the Inverted World’. So I gave it a listening… Very excellent. I got engrossed in this story right away. Shane tells a good story and he’s got that audible book voice going for him.

    Shane, I have a questions…
    Has Paul listened to this yet? if so, what does he think about it?
    Did anything ever come of Kevin wanting to kill Paul. I know they had that confrontation at the funeral, but is that where it ended? Like Kevin just let it go after that?

  5. Crowefans says:

    i get that this is not news, but if based in fact, links so we can see some sources would be awesome. The Sleepers connection was great. Good movie never read the book.

  6. Patton619 says:

    how do i listen to the after show

  7. Eek_the_Cat says:

    Also Nick Crowley, Barely Sociable, and SomeOrdanairyGamers.

  8. Eek_the_Cat says:

    I appreciate what you’re doing, but could you get in contact with Nexpo or Mamamax? Bring to light some of the things they’ve been working on. I feel like that is important.

  9. TheDarkWall says:

    That was a fascinating story. Very intense and with a good message about the resiliency we can all attain and how life eventually moves on no matter the pain and hardship you’re caught up in. I’m curious what you guys will be covering going forward. In particular I’d love to see what you guys can dig up on mothman. Can we maybe get a bit of a hint as to what is to come?

  10. scalkum says:

    Loved this two-parter! A very unexpected and hopeful ending. Congratulations!