Tales From the Inverted World #11: The Long Island Monster - Part 3

The amatuer internet investigation into the Long Island serial killer bleeds into the real world, and we make a grim discovery.

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2 responses to “Tales From the Inverted World #11: The Long Island Monster – Part 3”

  1. HerrDoktor says:

    “I couldn’t pin the whole thing on the idea of my supposed past life as a prostitute”
    Bro. If you don’t have your past life as a prostitute, what do you have??

    In all seriousness, I do kind of like the idea of crowdsourcing cold cases. Of course it’d have to be safeguarded against malfeasance, but there are people who are altruistically motivated to solve mysteries. All they’re missing is the evidence police have under lock and key, and that evidence is getting colder and colder.
    The human cooperative mind is the strongest algorithm we have.

  2. TheNailGeek says:

    I really love this series along with the members only podcast style conversations. ❤❤