Strange Man Sneaks Into The Castle And Everyone Freaks Out


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9 responses to “Strange Man Sneaks Into The Castle And Everyone Freaks Out”

  1. mputerio says:

    I know you guys say you have no trespassing signs, but maybe some signs clearly stating “no public access” or “no walk-ins, visit by appointment only. trespassers will be handled by private security and law enforcement, to the fullest extent of the law”. On one hand I kind of feel bad for the guy, he obviously watches the show and thinks his views will be supported, but he also has to realize you can’t just walk into someone’s home.. or a business. To the comment saying it looks like a place of business, that doesn’t really make sense, since it’s not like you can (or would want to) just walk into the CNN studio if you wanted to be on TV.

  2. Dstoltenberg says:

    “This isn’t a house, it’s like an office building, it’s a place of work, there’s a receptionist.”- Tim a week ago
    “You can’t just walk into our house like that.”- Tim today

    Cmon dude. Pick one. Guy seemed a bit nutty, but if he’s operating on the idea that this is a place of business like you yourself stated, I don’t know that he’s out of line at all.

  3. the7tower7falls says:

    Since he has kids, I hope he doesn’t go to prison. But this is a good example for others of what to not do to get heard.

  4. TrailBlazerCIED says:

    Totally agree. How long was he in there before getting caught and where else in the home? I mean someone just walking around your home. Doesn’t take long to do anything nefarious.

  5. RuralPhilospher says:

    Maybe I’m just paranoid but that was my first thought too.

  6. Brother_Paul says:

    If you want to become a Bartender (if they still do it) go to any Gaylord Ent (Opryland Hotel)and become a bar back. in goals of becoming a bartender, and they have bar school training (for free) which cost over 1k+ at the so called Bartending Schools in civilian world and they only learn how to toss bottles and not make good drinks. You must have really sucked behind the bar to be removed as a bar back.

  7. Wodenson says:

    That could have been way worse. Yah its not a good sign of the state of security at your place. A clever determined man will find a way. It’s fortunate he was honest and left promptly. Seems like he really believed in what he said. He took a page from Luke’s book. Take it with a grain of salt.

  8. AttacktheMountain says:

    Is that freedomistan?

  9. Soup_Lover says:

    He could have planted a bug or something incriminating. You should do a thorough sweep of your property.