Seth Rogan & Sarah Silverman Can't Save Santa INC

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2 responses to “Seth Rogan & Sarah Silverman Can't Save Santa INC”

  1. Angelt40 says:

    I know I’m a few weeks late, but I just had the worst nightmare where I was sitting in a small theatre with some people, and they were showing this series to us on the screen! Thank God this never happened in real life but I’d be bummed if I had to watch this crap show on the big screen.

  2. foddertarget says:

    Seth Rogan has made some shows/movies I’ve liked but I don’t find him funny, he’s more like that guy everyone knows who tried to act funny but never manages to pull it off. Sarah Silverman is not a comedian, more like a let me tweak your sensibilities in the most obnoxious way act. These two doing a project together like this turns out how I’d expect it to turn out.