Poll Shows Over 35% Support Secession, Biden Pushing Civil War As More People Call For Balkanization

[youtube-feed-single]Poll Shows Over 35% Support Secession, Biden Pushing Civil War As More People Call For Balkanization. Democrats in the northwest and republicans in the south are the strongest proponents of secession.

In the south 44% want to secede and 39% in the northwest.

Biden has continually expressed that Republicans and GOP are the biggest threat to the U.S. since the civil war.

As BLM Riots rage on, left and right fight, and neither agree on what is true, it seems the U.S. collapse is underway and inevitable


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12 responses to “Poll Shows Over 35% Support Secession, Biden Pushing Civil War As More People Call For Balkanization”

  1. TheDarkWall says:

    Responding to your video earlier today where you said the identity of the site is compromised by it’s variety that you intend to offer (more or less). I think you’re comparing yourself to the wrong things. Voxx, buzzfeed, huffpo, they are all rags who over invested in something to get a bump that was popular at the time. My vision for the what your site could be is more akin to a newer netflix. Obviously with quite a ways to grow, but I think you could largely get around the “wtf am I looking at” factor your devs are worried about by creating a similar presentation to having multiple shows and article topics you scroll through and choose between. As long as you make the content easy to get to and don’t decrease the quantity people expect, then there is no reason to think of it any different than when you’re logging into netflix. You don’t care about the paranormal? Ignore it. Maybe you decide to give it a go in october or something. It’s there when you want it, but it’s not in your face when you don’t.

  2. Trogaf says:

    So what happens to institutions like NASA? Would the bases be shared or leased out to the other new non southern balkanized states?
    I guess in anycase the american flag on the Moon would just become a relic of the past.

  3. Travisty says:

    There is the whole globalist problem, the literature suggests they really do want to kill of the vast majority of humanity.

  4. Travisty says:

    If we fund the farmers to get off the federal tit they’re suckling on, they would wield immense power, on a global scale!

  5. Travisty says:

    artofvictory.com we are still a major player, balkanization would be a disaster, of course more socialist policies will lead us down South Africa’s road. We need to reach these libs, they’re still our countrymen.

  6. Jay1 says:

    Working for a woke company is like receiving blood money. I’m trying like hell to get away from these people who worship the dollar more than everything else.

  7. D34DB33F says:

    We want a tyranny so badly, let’s just go back to a monarchy.

  8. Wolv256 says:

    I have a suggestion, charge every Democrat in the US for treason.

  9. Wolv256 says:

    No, there is no peaceful divorce. I am right and they are wrong. They yield and stop destroying my country, I’m not giving an inch. They are the terrorists, they are the enemies, and they get nothing. I do not concede and I do not comply.

  10. Thomas_Knox says:

    I have a solution to the Republican voting restrictions. Having to show an ID is racist, so no ID. Having to give proof of address is anti-homeless. Having to add a stamp to mail in a ballot is a poll tax. Having to sign your name requires is like slave owners giving western names to their slaves. Having to address a ballot discriminates against the illiterate. Counting ballots is white supremacy when 1+1=2 (just that racist ‘math’ that makes me feel sick).

    All barriers to voting must be removed. The solution here is rather than casting a ballot which is an assault on democracy, all you need to do is think of the candidate you want to win. And come election night the media, who knows who people thought about who they wanted to vote for, announces the winner and that person wins. Then we will finally have democracy.

  11. JoeVasco72 says:

    Praying for it here in canada too, have 0 desire/interest in coexisting with trudeau and his post national hell hole.

  12. bandit420 says:

    It’s coming…I don’t know if it can be stopped but it’s already in motion.