Parents EXPLODE At School Meeting About Mask Mandates, Steve Bannon Was RIGHT

Tim, Ian, and Lydia join Kyle Becker of BeckerNews.com to look at what it means that parents are exploding on school board members, and whether Steve …

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3 responses to “Parents EXPLODE At School Meeting About Mask Mandates, Steve Bannon Was RIGHT”

  1. ooodooles says:

    This is sad. They’re both right. This show has come down to trying to win an argument with your boss /friend and one of you is just an asshole.

  2. DarthWho says:

    At the end of the day it sounds like you support tyranny of the majority / oppression of the minority.

    Who needs an FDA approval / testing process when you can just simply convince enough individuals to mandate everyone get a new medication?

    In fact new plan… we arent going to mandate the vaccines. Instead we are going to revoke businesses licenses for companies that violate our health guidelines. You know Obomber was big on weaponizing the IRS… why not have them start auditing individuals that express “vaccine hesitance”.

  3. DarthWho says:

    Rectify this for me:
    Why is it completely fine for private business and schools to mandate an experimental medical procedure but it’s not ok for those same school to teacher CRT or to segregate students?

    If a school wants to segregate students then they should just give you your money back and send you on your way… Right Tim?

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