New Video LEAK Show UFOs Swarming US Naval Vessel On Radar, UFO Sphere Floats Then DIVES Underwater

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2 responses to “New Video LEAK Show UFOs Swarming US Naval Vessel On Radar, UFO Sphere Floats Then DIVES Underwater”

  1. Housersch37 says:

    Tim you are missing the bigger story out there. You know that if the media reports UFOs, they are doing it to distract you from what really is going on, and you fell for it. Please stop with the UFOs. I can tell you there are probably people that have already debunked this already. Why not pay attention to what our government is actually passing or doing?

    Until there is an actual clear picture of a UFO, then that will be actual news. The reason I said that is because you only see blurred pictures of Big foot, Aliens, or something outrageous, but it turns out to be fake. Get a clear picture, that is real, and I will admit there are actual aliens coming to this planet.

  2. Turk_Longwell says:

    What If…
    What if… When John Paul Jones said his iconic statement of “I have not yet begun to fight”, he was aiming this statement towards flying objects above his ships.
    Then he started a secret project agency to help keep his statement mission alive.
    Then after passing this story down from generation to generation and allowing his blood to run this secret project agency.
    Now this secret agency called Jones Projectile Javelin Project (JPJP) is out there testing their capabilities.
    They’re out there getting ready to face off against the next Unidentified Flying Object that seeks to do harm.
    What if…