MAJORITY Of Americans Don't Believe Biden Is Mentally Stable To Lead, CNN Argues It's Just GOP Slant

Tim, Ian, and Lydia join Daniel Turner, founder of Powering The Future, and Chris Karr, editor of Timcast.com, to break down CNN’s choice to mislead about Joe …

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  1. Shirls49 says:

    DESTROYING AMERICA: The CIA’s Quest to Control the Government
    FBI Director Chris Wray is a CIA officer using an “official cover” as FBI Director while he carries out the CIA’s leftist agenda for controlling government.

    The CIA’s “Republican faction” got Trump to appoint Wray to prevent an investigation of the election fraud.

    Wray is now Biden’s FBI Director. Biden has been a CIA “asset” targeted for the Presidency since 1984.

    Wray’s predecessor, FBI Director James Comey, was a CIA “asset.” He was taking orders from and reporting to his leftist CIA handlers.

    Comey’s predecessor at the FBI, Robert Mueller, is a CIA officer who had “official covers” as FBI Director and as Special Counsel investigating the CIA’s Russia lie.

    President and CIA “asset” George W. Bush gave CIA officer Christopher Wray an “official cover” as Assistant Attorney General, and he gave CIA asset James Comey an “official cover” as Deputy Attorney General.

    CIA “asset” George Bush is the President who gave CIA officer Robert Mueller his “official cover” as FBI Director in 2001 in preparation for the 9/11 attacks. My book has the details.

    “Official covers” are “official” government positions that provide “cover” for CIA officers carrying out the CIA’s agenda.

    The CIA’s “Republican faction” works with the CIA’s “Democratic faction” to build up the CIA’s Deep State plan to control the government.

    What’s more, Chuck Schumer is one of the many leftist CIA officers in Congress in violation of the Constitution.

    Leftist CIA officers have been building up their control of government for decades. I am exposing it. Paste this link into your browser. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07V9JT65Y

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