Leftists Vaush And Hasan BANNED From Twitch For Anti-White Racism

Tim, Ian, Luke, and Lydia host independent journalist and commentator Jordan Schachtel to discuss how Twitch has chosen to …

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2 responses to “Leftists Vaush And Hasan BANNED From Twitch For Anti-White Racism”

  1. Masshole says:

    I was going to say it would be interesting to see Piker on your podcast, but he would never agree to it. He’s too scared because he knows he can’t defend his positions in a conversation with someone who actually knows how the world works.

  2. Masshole says:

    Q: “How is it that the people int his studio are to the left of Vaush and Piker?”

    A: You are not to the left of those guys, you just have actual morals and values which you stick to rather than just rolling with the tide of the woke meme of the day.

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