Kyle Rittenhouse's Lawyer Asks Judge to Dismiss Underage Gun Charge, This Could Mean VICTORY

[youtube-feed-single]Tim, Ian, and Lydia join lawyer and founder of the National Constitutional Law Union John Pierce to break down why Kyle Rittenhouse’s attorney is asking the judge to drop one of his charges.

Guest: John Pierce

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16 responses to “Kyle Rittenhouse’s Lawyer Asks Judge to Dismiss Underage Gun Charge, This Could Mean VICTORY”

  1. carlathomas@protonmail.com says:

    Oh how embarrassing to have this guy on, he’s such a fraud. I’m really disappointed to see him on this show, and to see the click-bait headline. Tim knows better.

  2. munchhasen says:

    Yes Please Please Please have one of the best lawyers Robert Barnes as a guest on a future show. His prognostications legal predictions and explanations have been amazingly accurate. He is one of the good guys. A real White Hat

  3. PhysicsFiend says:

    Thank God other people commented this before.
    This P.O.S. is a disgrace to the already disgraced profession of lawyers. Robert Barnes NEEDS to be on this show to bring current clarity to the Rittenhouse case. This guy has threatened to hurt Kyle’s public reputation multiple times after he was fired around January. I have no idea who recommended or did the due diligence for this guy, but God it was a bad idea. You’ve had people on before that I can’t stand, and that’s great. But this guy needed more push back, questioning, and have the full force of investigative journalism drown him.
    Anyway, I’m glad I’m a member.
    Peace out.

  4. mintjuleps says:

    I wonder why Soros would want Rittenhouse in jail You’d think that with his background he’d be against Antifa. IDK

  5. StMyles2 says:

    Happy for Kyle

  6. alienbeans says:

    honestly, when i first heard of this story, i thought it was some “white shooter kid” that the police let walk away cuz he was “white”..thats the narrative they were pushing out until i started to hear more perspectives and realized that it was..self defense pretty much. its crazy.

  7. jhoust says:

    $10 a month for an extra 12 mins of content today? I’ve been reading the blogs too, but I could have had the same news come from the front page of MSN. I know I have access to the other videos and I’m grateful for it, but I donated $10 PAID DIRECTLY TO TIMCAST just to “test” and see the content here, if timcast wants to bring in more people or get people to pay more you guy have to do better than rehashed rewritten articles and 12 mins of video. If I notice this, then so does Tim, that is IF he is paying attention to the overall view of his content. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with. You guys are worth it, I just want you to succeed.

    • Wolv256 says:

      Click on the members button. You also get daily uncensored content at the end of each show where they aren’t subject to YouTube’s draconian rules. It’s worth it just for that.

  8. Shador says:

    people are hating way to much on Tim for letting this guy on. He is a liar and a grifter though. Tim, please have Barnes or someone from his defense team on to explain what happened. Anyone this man represents is in danger of being taken advantage of, and you did give him a platform to find and scam more people then he has.

  9. PhameNV says:

    Yeah next time Tim should do his research a bit more on his guests. This “lawyer” he has sitting here is a fraud, and embezzelled millions from rittenhouse and caused him to sit in jail for months cause he wasnt qualified to be his lawyer. Anything he talks about is complete nonsense. Tim do some more work and quit letting your ego go wild, be a reporter and ask some questions. Here ill help you with a link to someone who actually did thier research , https://donlewis-2215.medium.com/scam-of-a-lawyer-who-is-john-pierce-f99ed2086532

    • PhameNV says:

      Not to mention, robert barnes kyles actual lawyer, has been shouting this shit out from day one. Tim may not be an “ivory tower elite” but he is just as bad as one by doing shotty journalism and running with hos ego from his secluded mansion.

  10. Damen_Rabbitt says:

    It just seems to easy…this is another political case and I hate to say it Kyle will have the book thrown at him

  11. Kate_the_mediocre says:

    & ga,,,,!: