[youtube-feed-single]with nothing better to do we decided to skate around and see if Mike could jump the Tesla
Of course he could, no one doubted him
No one was worried at all that if he bailed his bike would shatter the glass roof of the Tesla
ha ha ha, totally cool, no worries at all

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10 responses to “JUMPING THE TESLA!!!”

  1. Digota says:

    FPV drones?

  2. Spidge_Bandersnatch says:

    Do a songwriting and recording session.

  3. Straussy88 says:

    Zip lining. Decent land for paintballing too!

  4. Zacsticles says:

    Way to flaunt your money, buying up all that lumber. Lol

  5. Oves420 says:

    That was an excellent point. I guess I did just assume that Tim didn’t have legs

  6. Michelle Coronado says:

    DnD!!! Yaaaaaas! Do dnd episodes plz

  7. derekknight says:

    Tim just get Dewalt. I know it’s more expensive but it’s worth it in the long and short. Checkout Prohect Farm on YouTube he does a truely scientific test on all kinds of products. Love you guys ๐Ÿ’–

  8. ZeroSigma says:

    Keep it up Tim and everyone! I make sure to have you guys playing in the house almost at all times lol. All the kids and their friends know who you guys are. There is hope to change the future we see coming.

  9. Carhillion_of_the_fold says:

    >Drives a Tesla
    >Buys Ryobi

  10. Rockermom96 says:

    Centrist soda should be marketed: No woke soda. Tim, I really think itโ€™s time to build that infinity pool: summers coming! Think of all the water thill games you guys could come up with.