It’s Marvel Studios, Not Star Wars, That’s the Backbone of Disney+

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One response to “It’s Marvel Studios, Not Star Wars, That’s the Backbone of Disney+”

  1. Jason_N says:

    To be honest I have given up on disney. The decision to extend Kathleen Kennedys contract made sure I will be boycotting anything disney owned. This will include avatar, alien, predator, marvel, star wars and all properties owned by them. I will not purchase any merch, collectables or go to movies. The Gina Carano incident was the proverbial straw that broke the camels back. Other things include the use of slave labour in china, the assassination of legacy characters in marvel, star wars and other fiction. Altering things just to check boxes and use them in culture war to kill the American ideal and further divide Americans. When Kennedy is publicly fired for her ineptness and total failure I will return.
    While I am just a single person I know they wont go out of business because of me. Thats okay. Im sure many others feel the same way as me. Even the soon to be released mandalorian I will not return to. Kennedy must me terminated for me to return.