It Seems Like Everyone Is Getting Tired Of Superhero Movies

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3 responses to “It Seems Like Everyone Is Getting Tired Of Superhero Movies”

  1. sthborges says:

    I came to make the same comment above. Loved everything from Iron man to Endgame. They went aggressively, and mind bogglingly woke after that, and I refuse to support that poison. Really a damn shame. I was looking forward phase two of the MCU.

  2. Paulymer says:

    I never got tired of any types of films, but I got tired of the slow creep of wokeism into Marvel films and I haven’t watched anything Disney since Endgame, which I only watched at that point because I’d invested so much time in all the films leading up to it. Just as well, I haven’t even seen the third Star Wars sequel and haven’t watched anything Star Wars since the abortion that was The Last Jedi. It’s one thing for studios to make bad movies, it’s something else entirely to go out of your way to propagandize against white people, men and heterosexuals. I’m not about to support companies who openly and actively hate me and my values. Every dollar you pay for their shit products is a dollar that goes toward pushing their bullshit narratives. Pop culture is dead because it’s infected with a woke virus.

  3. YayaMac says:

    This is the first of your shows I’ve watched. Great job! My husband and I always ask people, “did you ever watch Hell on Wheels?’ and Brett, you’re the first person I’ve ever heard mention it. Fantastic series!