Inside Tim Pool's INSANE Million Dollar SKATE MANSION

[youtube-feed-single]best advice you will ever get, just start doing the work and figure it out as you go

second best advice you’ll ever get, don’t eat gas station sushi

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7 responses to “Inside Tim Pool’s INSANE Million Dollar SKATE MANSION”

  1. Filaud says:

    Yes totally agree.

  2. LeviStrickland says:

    Bring out doughnut operator to skate your place and make content.

  3. OrangeRoseMeepling says:

    He Tim, you have not uploaded all episodes on your site, could you please have the other episodes on here as wel?

  4. tomusher says:

    Wish I was still young enough to have that much fun! At 62 those falls on the ground can kill a guy.

    Just a thought. I understand the reason for removing the insulation in your stadium, however, here in Missouri we have terrible condensation problems with uninsulated metal roofs on barns in the winter. You might find the same problems there, too.

    I appreciate the work you do. It’s getting damn hard to find objective journalism.

  5. Michael.Rosbury says:

    There are, but only two comments. And my god this will not due. With the power invested in me, by this subscription, I declare a third comment.

  6. Thalix says:


  7. Shanemorris90 says:

    This is dope dude