I Tested Positive For COVID, Faced Hospitalization If Not For "The Kitchen Sink" Prescriptions

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39 responses to “I Tested Positive For COVID, Faced Hospitalization If Not For "The Kitchen Sink" Prescriptions”

  1. Sketch_EM says:

    Hey your PA truck driver here, i missed your butt all last week, never know what you got till its gone for the time being. But its okay i care more about the beanie castle’s health glad your getting better man cant wait to see you when your ready, also this is a reminder to you to get back and take a day off once and a blue and get the rest you need. People think us sitting on our buts making money is easy but it is taxing to the body and mind, glad to see you mate cheers until then Tim.

  2. IrateModerate says:

    Where on earth did you get the idea that fetal tissue is used in tylenol? AKA acetaminophen? Why would they use it for this? It’s a simple molecule to synthesize and your claim is absurd

    Regeneron is another matter, that claim may be true I have no idea
    Let me ask you a question
    If Science could cure Cancer for good and forever by using the tissue from one already dead aborted fetus (of which there are probably thousands or millions already) should Science do it?
    Or should they let countless millions continue to die from cancer?
    Please keep in mind that not one fetus is killed specifically to allow this cure to be developed.
    Would you have the same problem with the use of cadaver tissue for this purpose?
    If not why not? It’s precisely the same

  3. ellie says:

    Funny how Tim always says he does not care what anyone thinks and yet, when it came to Ivermectin, his first reaction was he didn’t want to take it because “they” would say he was taking horse dewormer. Hypocrisy much? Tim, for as much as you rail against the media machine, you sure do believe what they say about Ivermectin, so much so, you didn’t want to take it.

    Instead of realizing the horror that all these cowardly doctors, who are supposed to “do no harm” sent you home saying drink liquids and rest. This is the main issue with Covid. If it supposed to so severe and deadly, why would they just send people home? This isn’t just happening to people under 40, they are doing to those who are most at risk. In there quest for absolute power, they are willing to kill, yes kill people to advance their agenda with the pharmaceutical companies. The government is not approving ANY treatments other than those that cost ridiculous amounts of money. For someone who reads news all the time, you sure are ignornant, but that is exactly what happens when you believe the fake news stories you read. Several poor countries cannot afford these medicines and have nearly eliminated their covid cases by using “the kitchen sink” remedies.

    My son, who is two years older than you, recently got covid and it was pretty bad. He is physically fit and eats well, was sent home to suffer through it. I told him to demand Regeneron (monoclonal antibodies), a z-pak and a steroid. He finally was approved for Regeneron and it didn’t help at all. After three more days of pain and fever, he got the z-pak and steroid along with the monoclonal antibodies, he began to get better.

    We are being lied to and instead of saying Ivermectin helped you along with all the other treatments, you dismissed Ivermectin and said you got better because of the monoclonal antibodies when the truth is, you got better because of the combination of treatments. Doctors and hospitals, with the encouragement and demands of the U.S. government are allowing people to die from this when it is not necessary, all to push an agenda to control the populus, here and in other countries. Australia should be an indication of where these governments are headed. This is not a conspiracy theory, all you have to do is research, not read news stories, actual research to understand the evil intentions of these politicians.

    With all that said, I am glad you recovered, but please stop bad mouthing the very medicine that helped you get better, while revering the other medicine that also helped you get better. They were good together, not separately.

  4. StMyles2 says:

    🤔 Interesting

  5. darkktur says:


  6. HerrDoktor says:

    @Dark, hey, thanks for what you do.
    I’m curious, if you prescribed Stromectol, would Walgreens fill that?

  7. HerrDoktor says:

    I hear you. “FDA approved” has a very different meaning to me now. Crafty leftists everywhere have had to change their phrasing from “immunization” to “vaccination” to try to downplay the expectancy of immunity we’ve come to enjoy from actual vaccines.
    I’d love to have the same level of immunity to COVID-19 that I have for sicknesses like polio, measles, diphtheria, etc. Unfortunately at this time there’s no vaccine that can provide such a thing — and yet, our authoritarian betters keeping watch over us are squealing over this medical experiment like girls at a backstreet boys concert.

  8. tkal6 says:

    So happy to see you’re healing Tim! Stay well and rest. Take more time for yourself.

  9. UppityG says:

    Fuck the mandates and Fuck Joe Biden. I’d keep an eye on the ol’ ticker for a while, mebbe a couple years, just in case. Paz y salud.

  10. UppityG says:

    Hang in there doc, from what I’ve been reading in response to you by others, it’s been a hard row to hoe, and you have my gratitude for your sacrifices. No good deed goes unpunished, esp by humans.

    Do what’s best for you and everyone else needs to do the same. When you fashion your way in the world, it feels right, it goes closer to how you planned and you can cope with how it pays off in the way that works best for you, good or bad.

    I hope you stay a member and keep commenting here. Watch your six. Paz.

  11. UppityG says:

    Since I’ve had to have total strangers via their comments here and elsewhere clue me in to human fetal tissue being used to test and develop a wide variety of drugs, including all the coof vaccines, I took some time to check out what I could of your claim that the monoclonal antibodies treatment uses in some way fetal tissue. I have not found any info that matches your claim that the tissue or cells have to be harvested from alive fetus livers so unless you supply something to support your claim, I’m ignoring it.

    Repair the link head and remove added spaces to re-link:
    hxxps: / / w w w . n b c n e w s . com / health / health-news / how-cells-taken-decades-old-fetal-tissue-are-used-covid-n1242740

    As for the claim that such tissue has been in use on Tylenol and other OTC drugs for decades, now that I’ve seen how long this has been going on, I’m even more dismayed than before, for it means that we have been “eating” our own young and sprinkling their body parts onto what we see as medicine, in order to save our hides, and for the most part unwittingly.

    Nowhere on the Tylenol bottles does it say “we use human fetus material to test this on so it’s safe for you to use and we can get rich,” now does it. No, Big Pharma and Big Planned Parenthood make us go digging for the info. If we’re _lucky_ they’ll tell us the truth and then dare us to do anything about it.

    And what it really means is that the real reason Planned Parenthood is so wealthy and overly influential is because it is profiting handsomely from fetus tissue sales to Big Pharma and God knows who else. The fact that most electively aborted babies are black and brown bothers them not one bit. Just as with the HeLa immortal cells (Henrietta Lacks was black), the outside color of the donor is irrelevant in this case.

    All while rich, white, guilt-ridden liberal women throw millions of dollars at blm and Van Jones and Planned Parenthood just so they don’t have to personally touch a poor black or brown person to actually care about them. They’ll recruit Hollyweirdos to trumpet how glorious it is or was to abort their own baby in order to get a gold trinket and transitory praise from their fellow useful idiots.

    If we can’t find a way to end this evil carnage and shut down the Planned Parenthood abattoir once and for all, then America deserves to fall.

  12. UppityG says:

    I don’t believe he was though he never said yay or nay. I think if he had been but got sick anyway, he’d’ve said so, just to let us know that “break-through” infection is real.

    I’m so tired of my govt, the FDA esp, giving cover to Pfizer so it’s poorly made “vaccine not a vaccine” doesn’t get outed for the failure it is. FDA approved my ass.

    The FDA is infested with ex-Pfizer executives, so, no, I don’t trust it.

  13. pandusa says:

    Watch the Senate testimony of the FLCCC doctors. They are a group of ICU specialists and have published a lot (hundreds I think) of peer reviewed medical papers collectively in their respective fields of medicine. They have actually made careers of treating patients unlike Fouci, and have been on the frontline treating this virus. They have developed inpatient and outpatient protocols. Watch it and check out website FLCCC . It was on Youtube, I don’t know if it still is. Why can’t these older ( FDA, WHO approved )safe medications be use on an off label emergency use out patient basis within guidelines (with informed consent) when there IS nothing else?

  14. pandusa says:

    I think it is important to not wait until you are sick to have a plan. You may not feel like or have time for doctor shopping . I recently visited my primary care MD. We discussed treatment with my particular high risk issues, if I should become infected, or have known exposure for outpatient early treatment. We have a plan we agree on. I have not taken vaccine due to a neurological condition and have decided to wait for more info on it. Everyone has to weigh risk/benefit on everything in life. Even if you have taken the vaccine nothing, is 100%. Talk to your MD. Or ask your friends, family, read online patient reviews and FIND a good physician and have an acceptable contingency plan for you BEFORE you get sick. A yearly physical with blood work , and many insurance companies don’t charge copay on a yearly (but you may have to pay for blood work if you haven’t met deductible ). Can’t afford it? It is more cost effective than a hospitalization… isn’t it? Cheaper than that smartphone in your hand. A lot cheaper.

  15. WoolEnvy says:

    Glad you recovered, but I’m a bit disturbed that you either don’t realize that the monoclonal antibody treatment was developed from the live harvested liver of an aborted girl or you do, but don’t care. Note, she had to be fully developed for the harvesting of the organ AND she had to be born alive and have no pain medication administered during the organ harvesting. Fact check this, Regeneron does not deny this in the least. I’ve heard you say that you are Pro-Life before so I’m going to take the charitable view that you didn’t know at the time, but please make people aware when you discuss this treatment in the future. Once again, I’m glad you recovered. I had it too a couple of months ago. When that fever spikes in the middle of the night you do start to wonder if you will make it. As for me, l endured 8 days of fever and lost 17 lbs.. I treated the fever with Violet extract (in tincture form). It did reduce my temp from 102 to 100, which made me feel much better. I treated the cough with Artemesia Annua (tincture) and the horrific GI problems with Angelica Root tincture. Turns out Tylenol has been testing using fetal tissue as well and I can’t take Ibuprofen for medical reasons, but herbs do work. Also, all of our pets caught the Rona, so ya might keep an eye on your pets. Those that did not bounce back after 2 weeks seemed to be cured by simple antiparasitic meds.

  16. exactly34 says:

    I only wish I had known about the risks of myocarditis before taking the vax. I am a 20 year old guy and feel very fortunate not to have had severe complications. Definitely fuck all this mandate stuff though. Hopefully courts do their job and preserve medical privacy.

  17. darkktur says:

    yes, he is very uninformed..however maybe this illness will motivate him. The Jimmy Dore interview with Robert Malone is outstanding, Roger Seheults’ videos on youtube and one from Valley ENT Ryan Rehl called Vitamin D and the respiratory tract, (both are M.D.s) as well as over 100 studies showing the efficacy of ivermectin. What people also need to realize , that just like oseltamivir, just like the new anticovid pill ,which only work if you take them VERY early on in the infection (within 48 hours of FIRST symptom) HCQ and ivermectin,because of their mechanism of action, need to be taken ASAP. Which is why it is truly reprehensible that pharmacies are not allowed to fill these prescriptions. And which is why I’m leaving medicine,leaving Chicago, because you assholes voted for this, now suffer.

  18. MontyLalado says:

    I find his dismissive attitude to ivermectin extremely ungrateful.

    Tim understands nearly nothing about Ivermectin. He doesn’t even know who Robert Malone is. Sorry but Tim has repeatedly been a dumbass on this particular issue

    Thinking that the monoclonal antibodies were what made him feel better when he took a whole bunch of different things is like saying that you got drunk from a mixed drink but it was only one of the alcohol’s in there that made you drunk.

  19. GoatHerd says:

    Get well soon. I and my family got Covid in March. We did the kitchen sink treatment, and my wife kids & aging in-laws barely felt it. I’m a fit and slim 50yr old and was hospitalized. There is much about this disease that is unknown and will continue to be so if this ridiculous censorship carries on. I believe in informed freedom, which is not what we’re getting anywhere.

  20. Mavtu says:

    Only found out today about you & the crew…thought there was something wrong with you lot
    Get healthy and stay strong
    Best regards from West Aus

  21. wet-specter says:

    The most worrying part is that Rogen had to pay for it…what is the price of this treatment?

  22. OrangeApple says:

    Feel better soon Tim and your employees.

    Sidebar: can we stop using “public” school and call it what it actually is: government school. We do need to change names on schools. Switch out public with government.

  23. Trippella says:

    Why not Ivermectin. It has very few and little side effects. So potential positive outweights potential negative by a longshot. Vitamine drip. High doses intravenous C-vitamin is very underrated (Big Pharma don’t make money on this) for treating a wide variety of diseases. Virus infections and cancer. I would propably ask for this, and probably, initially, get a negative response (like – we don’t do that).

  24. darkktur says:

    Thank you. I have been the “free doctor” all my career and while I haven’t made a ton of money I have a real relationship with the most apppreciative ,thankful,loving patients . I am positive I can make at least as much if not more money pursuing my other interests so I see this as a fork in the road with the choice being somewhat forced . But as they say,once a doctor always a Darkktur. : D

  25. darkktur says:

    I could go on. Trying to stay positive . If anyone has any “doctor questions” tho feel free to ask.

  26. Southport says:

    Thanks for your transparency. Really gad to see that you are getting over the virus.

  27. Jonah118 says:

    Im glad ur doing better.

  28. arakitai says:

    Thank you so much for your comment. Probably not many people appreciate how difficult it is for medical professionals to share their honest opinions, even on a relatively anonymous forum like this. The cost of education, licensing, insurance, etc… are tremendous. You dedicate years and years to achieving a successful career, amassing huge debt as well as maintaining the expenditures associated with simply being a doctor. Then the insurance companies and the hospital administration basically says, get onboard with the narrative or we will crush you. You will lose your job and we will nickel and dime you to death. Your savings will be destroyed and you’ll never be able to make 6 figures again. You go from a leadership position in society to being a pariah. It is awful. Especially when you see that these threats are just for the sake of sacrificing human lives for money. Sometimes it’s even worse. Sometimes it’s for the sake of some obscure political maneuvering that is completely divorced from medicine, yet the outcome is either hurt or dead patients. I’ve seen it all.

    Anyway, thanks for posting. I’m not sure if the admins will respond to you but I wanted at least to tell you that at the very least there is one person who supports you and empathizes with your situation.

  29. UppityG says:

    Taking the week off after all is probably wise. One request: that you post a notification of cancellation here, too. You know long before show time whether or not you’ll do the show after all, so please don’t wait until 2 minutes before showtime.

    Take it easy and sleep all you can.

  30. UppityG says:

    @Dark, that confirms what I’ve been learning. Under no circumstances should anyone put any of these coof vaccines into children. No way. Or pregnant women.

  31. darknight118 says:

    glad your doing good… I wonder how many people have died because no one told them of treatment..

  32. Hi Tim. I’m sorry to hear about you getting sick. Hope you get well soon. Really missed you this few days. I truly enjoy your show, and looking forward to seeing things get back to normal.

  33. vikinggirl says:

    Thank for the explanation of the follow on Ivermectin and Z pac! Tim – getting back to healthy is all that matters. I think Darkktur summed it up. If the kitchen sink is what it takes, so be it.

  34. HerrDoktor says:

    Glad you’re doing well, Tim. I’m convinced that it was the openness of your mind to therapeutics that saved your life from the CCP virus.

    Someone remind me, had Tim been vaccinated? If so, chalk up yet another “fluke” breakthrough case.

  35. darkktur says:

    Just wanted to add I think varying vit d levels have a lot to do with who gets a severe illness and who doesn’t even know they have it.

  36. darkktur says:

    Hi Tim, I am so sorry you had to go thru that. Let me tell you first off, I AM a doctor, got my M.D. from the University of Chicago(in Hyde Park) and practice internal medicine and am medical director of a public health department outside Chicago . I can tell you that vitamiin D deficiency is widespread and a factor for severe outcomes in covid,flu,pnuemonia and other illnesses. It is VITAL for respiratory immunity. Do some research. Even with supplements, most people dont have adequate levels,and labs report anything above 30 as normal, while it is best to have them around 50-90. Get your level checked with a blood test.
    Also monoclonal antibodies will only neutralize viral particles, while ivermectin and HCQ interupt viral replication-2 completely different animals. Its like someone has a blackmail photo of you and the monoclonal antibodies are the guy going out and ripping them down off the lamposts, but ivermectin is the guy at the printer stopping the copies being made. So take both. I don’t honestly understand the azithromycin except to say once you have a viral infection it opens the door to bacteria and the zpak probably keeps that in check.
    Big pharma is definitely seeing this as a chance to assrape people monetarily. I have written for ivermectin for mild covid and was told by walgreens that they wouldn’t fill it because of the covid diagnosis.
    I am preparing to retire from medicine, sell my house ,move somewhere and maybe help people who want to homeschool or join an artist community. I told my superiors(who have no medical training) that I refuse to allow my nurses to administer the vaccine to 5 to 11 year olds, I am not vaccinated and don’t intend to be either.
    hope everyone there is well and wishing you a full recovery.

  37. Clairissaanne says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I’m glad your all better!!

  38. Danielle says:

    Glad you’re feeling better Tim! All the best to your crew, and I hope they feel better soon too! I listen to you every day and I have missed ya the last few days. Just grateful that you weren’t banned!! Take care!!!

  39. UppityG says:

    Pool, maybe because I was kicked off Twitter exactly one year ago for saying “A man is a man and a woman is a woman,” I don’t care what the twitterati will think if I reveal what treatments I’m taking for the coof. It’s a pity that you’re in a bit of predicament because of what you do for a living, and the impact it would have on many other people if you were to be kicked off for wrong-speak.

    I’m glad to know you’re on the mend. I also am glad you are following the treatment protocol as prescribed to you by your doctor, including the Ivermectin and Z-pak. If Rogan can weather the childish school yard finger pointing of the vaccine worshippers, so can you. While the monoclonal antibodies may indeed be what gave you symptom relief, it cannot defeat the coof all by itself, clearly, or the rest would not have been administered. I’m still puzzled by your reluctance to at least not be _skeptical_ of Ivermectin, considering how well it has worked not just for Rogan, but for millions in Africa, India, Colombia and more, where the monoclonal antibodies treatment is too expensive for them to use.

    **As with treating bacterial infections, where you are told to use the entire bottle of antibiotics even when you already feel better, you must complete the treatment course or risk A) not fully killing off all traces of the contagion, and any other opportunistic infectors, such that you stop getting better, and B) creating a super-sized variant that is stronger and deadlier when passed on to someone as healthy as you or less so.**

    You say that the pain you suffered was worse than anything you had previously endured, but you don’t say how so. Was the pain in your limbs? Gut? Chest? Sore throat? Fierce headache? I hope you’ll elaborate at some point. Considering you have been offline for about six days, when a solid flu often results in at least 10 days of down time, it appears that you and your doctor took the right actions.

    Did you know that liquid Lysol cleaning fluid concentrate (in the brown bottle) started out as a pesticide? It soon was transitioned to being used as a hospital strength disinfectant because of how deadly was to infectious organisms, which the inventors noticed when testing it.

    Did you know that Imodium started out as a pain killer? It was relabeled for its better performance as an anti-diarrheal (it dependably caused constipation, which nearly all Rx strength pain killers do, even at very low dosage). Nobody get any bright ideas, to get a buzz from Imodium you’d have to take so much of it, you’d be stopped up from now until Christmas.

    One of the downsides of living on this planet is that when you experience X _for the first time in your life_ it will feel like it’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you and it will feel at first as if it is the new normal forever and ever. While being 35 sounds mature and wizened to anyone under 25, it won’t be until you’re 60 that you’ll understand how really young that still is in the grand scheme of things.

    Congratulations on your now naturally acquired and _permanent_ coof immunity. You are now shielded against re-infection for the rest of your life. And? You are now conferred the added benefit of being able to more easily defeat any of its variants.

    If my missus or I end up in a similar circumstance, we already know our family doctor is ready to prescribe pretty much the same. We’re already self-treating prophylactically with zinc, Vit C and D, frequent hand washings (up to our mid-forearm) for two rounds of Happy Birthday to Me and just not standing too close to anyone inside a public building.

    Again, glad you’re on the mend. A piece of unsolicited advice, from a fellow allergy sufferer: stop touching your nose with your bare hands. I keep paper towels handy to scratch a relentlessly itching nose or eyes.

    Lots of hot chicken soup and cold lemonade. Paz.