FreedomPhone Does Not Censor Or Track Users, This Could Be Why Mainstream Media Is Targeting It

Tim, Ian, and Lydia join youngest Bitcoin billionaire and FreedomPhone entrepreneur Erik Finman to examine some of the arguments being brought against the …

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5 responses to “FreedomPhone Does Not Censor Or Track Users, This Could Be Why Mainstream Media Is Targeting It”

  1. Kelsier_The_Survivor says:

    This isn’t the only phone to do this. The Pinephone made by Pine64 does this too. It has a linux operating system, that you can change, and hard switches for turning off the cameras, blue tooth, wifi, etc. And a removable battery. I have one and I love it. FYI, its still in development and not quite ready for the average consumer.

  2. Please check out this guy’s mother. She’s Raytheon etc. This could just be a trap for those not accepting of the indoctrination. He was just too squirrelly on answering questions. This guy might be a plant. Be very careful

  3. Messongoman says:

    Yea but they can still track your location and spy on you lol. I hope you clarify that for people.

  4. Goatoverland says:

    As usual Ian opens his Luther and ruins a good podcast. Ian please shut your mouth when you obviously don’t know what your talking about.

  5. GovernmentIsRape says:

    You don’t have a right to make profit and if you can deliver value to customers you can always make money, you don’t need a monopoly. Of course revenue’s dropped when Napster came out, because Music labels where abusive and still are. If an industry doesn’t improve for a long time because government gives them a monopoly and then there’s a massive technological improvement that shocks the industry. It’s not the fault of consumers no longer victims to a monopoly. Yea a few people in 1 industry will make less money, but life becomes cheaper for everyone else. Repeat that for many industries for all of society and you have a massive improvement in quality of life for everyone.