Fox News Guest Says AOC And Childless Women Have The Minds Of Children, Millennials ARENT Growing Up

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3 responses to “Fox News Guest Says AOC And Childless Women Have The Minds Of Children, Millennials ARENT Growing Up”

  1. IrateModerate says:

    There was a day when a college education was an asset, and boomers, thinking this was still the case, encouraged kids to do college.
    They didn’t understand that a generation of Marxist professors had infiltrated into and taken over university.
    What these Marxists did is unforgivable. They used critical theory to generate sophistry that masquerades as scholarship, they’ve devalued college education because it is not education at all, it’s indoctrination into the Woke Lies of Critical Social Justice and Critical Race Theory.
    This indoctrination doesn’t teach how to create things, only how to complain and destroy culture and society
    And it charges kids to learn to be useless and destructive, thus the college loan fiasco
    How’d this happen? Who let it happen? That’s probably the Boomers fault too

  2. Turk_Longwell says:

    You’re responsibility is what you’re doing, Fren.
    You know what’s up and so you go forth.
    You’ll own a home and you’ll be happy.
    We worry about our own oxygen masks before anyone else’s.
    You are correct, Chandler.
    I hope the best for you, Sir.
    Keep doing you.
    Hard work does pay off.
    Go Team!

  3. ChandlerT says:

    As back ender of the millennials, I agree. I’ve worked my tail off for everything I’ve had since I’ve been 13, and was taught to be that way from my parents who were X’ers. Unfortunately not yet a home owner but working on it, but seeing the lack of motivation from Millennials and Z’s is rather shocking. I can’t say much but I know that nothing will be given to me unless I go work for it. Regardless if I love what I do for work or not, it doesn’t excuse the lack of responsibility we owe to this country and world.