Fans Defend Britney Spears After She Posted Fully Naked Instagram Photos

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4 responses to “Fans Defend Britney Spears After She Posted Fully Naked Instagram Photos”

  1. Nebula says:

    I really like Miracle even more now.
    Cool show guys <3. Both of your back and forth make me laugh so much!

  2. Lordgoldeneyes says:

    So no, miracle, you wouldn’t last in a Walmart job, much less get promoted. can’t even plan for weather, to get to work on time, fired in a week

  3. bluesee says:

    She was medicated to keep her clothed, in the mean time pop artists became more risque’ and have been literally naked since. Brittany has always seemed more Punk rock pop but forced into this POP star image. Think Juliet Lewis. It is to bad the paparazzi ruined her.

  4. Landon says:

    Go read her IG post about going to a restaurant, and listen to her court declaration to the judge. She’s been in legal slavery for over a decade. I’m no Brittany fan at all, but I am a conspiracy theorists 😏 The ability to legally enslave an A-LIST CELEBRITY was just mind blowing so I fell down the rabbit hole. It really starts to make sense when you realize Amanda Bynes, Lyndsey Lohan are in the exact same position, and all 3 had “breakdowns” that was the legal footing for conservatorship.