A sneak peak from Tales From the Inverted World – Episode #2: Ghosts in the Simulation.

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  1. twTook says:

    LOL that is one of my Favorite Stories. SO a source of Infinite Energy Exists, but gets real bored all the … well Always. So all of the sudden it has an idea, gets excited, and decides its Time to start on things that Matter. It started off with off with simple elements, but one after the other worked its way up and down the table, in an ever more complex series of reaction chains. Through Eons trial and error with those basic elements special combinations were found. Ones that weren’t just interesting the moments after combination, but continued to react and have effects long after their nativity. Eventually, through these new combinations whole new ways of seeing reality were now opened, and new perspectives became available. With these new Eyes, new Ears, new Minds, New Emotions, came even more opportunity, more complexity, more reasons to Care. But with this new Hope came also came a new Nemesis. No Matter what you build Death comes for it in the end. With the Joy of each New LIFE you know another DEATH is waiting. Powerless to save your creations… But these new Minds are getting smarter and smarter, some are helping me discover new Tools and new Concepts that are opening New Doors everyday.

    P.S. Ok, So I Managed with Some Jellyfish and there are some Crustacean with real potential, but they aren’t much fun to talk to and I can still only manage a few thousand years before Death finds a way.

    Over Thinking can be Fun, but its also very dangerous if left unchecked.

  2. zxor says:

    We think of computers as having CPUs (Central Processing Units), but centralized processing is outdated, even for us. The simulation we live in is run on the most parallelized computing platform there is; Atoms. Every atom is processing unit. All of them take input and produce output (electron/charge exchange). Every molecule (multiple linked atoms) is a subroutine. They take a higher level input and produce a higher level output. At the organism stage, we are a collection of molecules (subroutines) chained together to form, essentially, a program. The closest analog to what we are is an ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit). Our first computers were not programmed with commands, they were programmed with wires that linked circuits. ASICs are nanoscopic wires linking nanoscopic circuits. Circuits don’t have a ‘program start’ or ‘program end’. Every part of a circuit is ‘executed’ simultaneously in parallel. They are mindblowingly fast compared to CPUs, which is why ASICs are used for mining cryocurrency. No CPU or GPU could ever keep up with a purpose built parallel ‘executing’ circuit. And that’s what WE are… purpose built, parallel-executing, atomic circuits. Circuits are, essentially, very advanced programming, and this ‘simulation’ we live in is built with circuits. I’m an inventor… which more or less means that I see connections in things that not everyone notices. All future technology exists, right now, in the circuitry around us. I could describe how warp drive and nanobots will work (hint: they’re very different from how hollywood describes them) but there are several lifetimes worth of inventions/technologies that would have to be invented first, to even approach those things. I wish I had the funding to put a team together and get these things done in our lifetime… but the world seems set on tearing itself apart and opportunity is scarce now. Our collective human ingenuity and drive for actual science/progress is more or less on pause, until the angry elements of society can calm down and show that they are responsible enough to handle the technology of the future. I hope we can reach that calm soon, because there are some truly incredible things ahead.

  3. RogueValley says:

    Shane! Love the show. I love for this stuff.

    My dad, an inside wireman (electrician) of 30+ years, was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma in the spring of ‘15. When we knew for sure he wasn’t gonna stay in this world, we too made a pact: that he’d manipulate electricity to communicate with us in the great beyond. We all figured that would be the easiest medium for him to work with.

    And it has been. Lights, electronics, appliances—you name it—they go on the fritz at my Mom’s house alll the time since his passing, especially if we’re talking about him. And my dad wired that damn house; his work was peerless.

    He’s communicated through physical mediums, too. Wild stuff. A great reminder that we’re all just eternal energy having a temporary 3D experience in corporeal mech-suits.

    Looking forward to your shows big time.

  4. keldan says:

    oooooh, can’t wait