Democrats REFUSE To Remove Masks Following CDC Guidelines Over Fear Of Being Seen As Conservative

[youtube-feed-single]Democrats REFUSE To Remove Masks Following CDC Guidelines Over Fear Of Being Seen As Conservative. Democrat Eric Swalwell got into an altercation with a staffer for Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene after he said “Biden said you can take the mask off”

Many Democrats are scared that if they dont wear a mask they will be seen as conservatives.


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3 responses to “Democrats REFUSE To Remove Masks Following CDC Guidelines Over Fear Of Being Seen As Conservative”

  1. BurlyD says:

    How about the States act like Countires, with the Federal Government acting like the EU?

  2. Spider_Guard says:

    I find it so illogical that they really felt such levels of concern. How is that possible? I never stopped going to the office, I never stopped training BJJ, and I haven’t worn a mast in public (unless specifically mandated by the store) since January (I do not shop at WM or T).

    There is zero science behind wearing a mask- they aren’t capable of filtering the virus particles- so you stop spittle- that doesn’t stop the aerosolization of the virus- at all. It’s ridiculous. What I have done is:
    Lost 20 pounds. Increased my cardio. Upped my C, D, E, Zinc, Tumeric, Quercitin, etc vitamin stack. Exercised. Got lots of fresh air and natural sunlight.

    “We are not descended from fearful men — not from men who feared to write, to speak, to associate, and to defend causes that were, for the moment, unpopular….”

    So to see these left-wing talking heads expose such fear and for them to be honestly that afraid- they are the mindless mass that takes the yolk of oppression- scary to think their voting with the same fearful mindset.

    There is no mending the Republic with people who think like they do- we have nothing in common.

  3. raerae says:

    These people are crazy, Say NO to MSM!