Democrats Mandating Vaccine Segregation Is Splitting The Country In Half, GOP Bans Vaccine Passports

[youtube-feed-single]Democrats Push For Vaccine Segregation Is Splitting The Country In Half, GOP Bans Vaccine Passports. In NYC Madison Square Garden will require full vaccination to enter.

Democrat Mayor De Blasio announced a massive concert in NYC to reopen the city but will segregate people who are unvaccinated.

Meanwhile Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott has just banned vaccine passports.

This is creating a policy divide between physical locations in the US solidifying the polarization and tensions in the cold civil war


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3 responses to “Democrats Mandating Vaccine Segregation Is Splitting The Country In Half, GOP Bans Vaccine Passports”

  1. Turk_Longwell says:

    The year is 2041.
    Red States have 30 foot high concrete walls lining their borders.
    A Kansas State Militia (KSM) Corporal of the Guard stands atop the rampart with his eagle eyes watching for aggressors.
    There has been a spike in infiltration attempts coming from the closest major city of Denver.
    The city is a shell of itself, has been for many years.
    Back in 2025, the city, it’s residents and state’s citizens celebrated Colorado State’s new legislation that basically closed its borders, without a proper passport, to the Unvaccinated and the Enemy of the People, Far Right Wing Conspiracy Theorists, from entering the city.
    Their glee lasted less 3 years, once the storages of food and raw materials hit their markets.
    One thing lead to another and within five years, their bordering state of Kansas, in order to protect their citizens from out of state marauders attacking production facilities and farms, had to be the first Red State of many Red States to build a wall on it’s borders. They also had to create the first state ran militia in nearly 150 years.
    Once a 6 foot barbed wire fence, now a towering wall, 30 feet high made of pure concrete with a limited number of access points into the Free Red State.

    … (events to be addressed later) (back to the story) …

    Off in the distance, dust blooms into the air.
    Using his power distance binoculars, the Corporal of the Guard makes out a caravan of vehicles, loaded with armor and topped with human shaped figures, speeding their way to his position.
    This particular access point has been popular for attacks recently, since it’s gun turrets were destroyed a few months back by the Denver Anti-Racists Regulators (DARR), a branch of the Empyrion United Coalition (EUC). The Kansas Combat Engineers are expected to replace the turrets once they receive the raw metal materials from their ally, The Peoples Republic of Pennsylvania (PRP).
    The Corporal presses the Alert All Button on a nearby post.
    Alarms blare and heads turn.
    Mem and Women, stationed at the I-70 West Protection Point, jump to feet.
    He then clicks his microphone and speaks, “Dellys, (short of The Delusional) headed our way from the west, main highway route. Looks to be about 9 armored vehicles. Gonna need some SMAW (Shoulder-Launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon) Gunners up here too.”
    Within 5 minutes, Barrack doors bang open and out pour members of the KSM in full combat gear.
    Within 10 minutes, Garage doors slide open and out drive 12 F-350s coated with rocket deflection armor and each has a specific weapon mounted up top, 5 have 50 Cals, 5 have MK 19 Grenade Launchers and
    2 have BMG 71 Tow Launchers.
    Back on the rampart, a Lance Corporals, who is also on watch duty, walks up to the Corporal of the Guard COG, “What do we have Corporal?”
    The COG gives his subordinate a very thin frown. for he doesn’t like this part of his job, “Damn Dellys thinking again that they can get through us here.”
    Lance Corporal, “Why don’t they just leave us alone? I mean, we tried bargaining for peace with them with food and labor.”
    As the COG looks out towards the dust bloom that’s getting bigger, as the vehicle advance, “I wish I knew. They just think we’re the bad guys.”
    The Lance Corporal is a young one, barely 19 years old, “But they have been attacking us for years. Years! Heck, I don’t even understand why they call us, Trumpers. What does that even means?”
    The COG looks directly into the eyes of his Lance Corporal “Son, that’s a long story for another day. Let’s just get through this with the least amount of death as possible.”

  2. Forky says:

    As someone who works / lives in Washington State; there are some of us resisting this b.s. No proof you got vaccinated required. It’s encouraging to watch people rip off their mask and see their smiles. Good health to you and yours, Tim.

  3. Greatdane45828 says:

    So as a truck driver will this be another mandatory rule? Vaccine Passport could be just another back door way to get you to comply.