Creepy Woke Twix Ad Sparks OUTRAGE Over Boy In Dress, Bizarre Witch

Tim and Lydia host friends Seamus of FreedomToons and Libby Emmons, editor of the Post Millennial to attempt to analyze a Twix commercial starring a …

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2 responses to “Creepy Woke Twix Ad Sparks OUTRAGE Over Boy In Dress, Bizarre Witch”

  1. prcntm says:

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    Fast-forward to today and we now buy the bulk of our food from the local Farmer’s Market and only use the grocery store to buy ancillary stuff we can’t find at the Farmer’s Market. At the grocery store alone, we’re only buying three or four bags of stuff, but we’re spending $100. We cut out over 70% of what we were buying there, but only got 50% reduction in cost. And now the price hikes are actually bleeding into the Farmer’s Market as well so overall we’re paying about $400 a week on groceries.

    Those who think inflation isn’t that bad or that it’s a good thing just haven’t hit $0 in their bank accounts yet.

  2. Vette7092 says:

    If u guys talk abt Fauci again please mention someone needs to tell John wick abt him. Remembering how many people he made pay for killing his 1 beagle puppy!!!!