CNN's FAKE Story About Vaccine Manager Getting Sent A Muzzle For Advocating Vaccines Gets Exposed

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3 responses to “CNN's FAKE Story About Vaccine Manager Getting Sent A Muzzle For Advocating Vaccines Gets Exposed”

  1. HerrDoktor says:

    I love that she tried to empower herself with the dog imagery.

    “They obviously didn’t know me, because they sent me a size 3 which is for beagles, and I’m obviously a bulldog which requires a size 6.”

    Okay, sweetie, sure, but you’re still a dog.

  2. DarthWho says:

    As for the lawyers that refused to help….

    You think its possible that the state pushing the mandate is the same state that controls the licensing for their profession? I wonder if its possible that zealots have taken over these institutions…

    I wonder if its possible that the same applies to Drs… I definitely have not hear from a few Drs that say they cannot write medical exemptions without facing possible review by the licensing board.

  3. DarthWho says:

    Not related to this video but rather the NYC vax passport:

    Wow who could have foreseen the government finding ways to penalize business for not enforcing a vax mandate.

    You show me the man and I will show you the crime.

    The city didn’t have to come out and say the passport out loud but I’m glad they did. They could have just made life miserable for businesses that didn’t mandate it, and Timmy would have been fine with that bc “but my private business owes you nothing”

    Forcing a medical procedure on anyone for any reason or giving carte blanche to organizations or other people to extert their will on the individual is evil as fuck.