Charlie Kirk Gets ROASTED For Having The 'Wrong' Opinion About Simone Biles QUITTING At Olympics

Tim and Lydia join friend and journalist Jack Posobiec to talk about Charlie Kirk’s apparently-controversial view on Simone Biles’ choice to quit the US Olympics …

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One response to “Charlie Kirk Gets ROASTED For Having The 'Wrong' Opinion About Simone Biles QUITTING At Olympics”

  1. ARichter says:

    I’m taking a very unpopular view on this, because I know what Simone Biles is going through. I competed in a traditionally male sport where we were told, constantly, we had to be better than the people who had invented out sport. I trained for years and it was grueling. I loved competing and lived for Tournament Season. I got to train with wonderful people all over the world.

    Competition at that level takes a toll and mentally weak people break. I never did, because I considered that my biggest challenge, getting over blocks I’d set myself. Miss Biles, is mentally fragile because she’s been told her entire career that she’s the best, that she perfect because of her skin color, not because of her talent, which is awesome and no one can take that from her. However, when the rubber met the road, her mind sabotaged her because she was among the best of the best and knew that perhaps she didn’t measure up.

    When you are competing at that level, you cannot let that get you. I was up against things like, “You’re a girl”, and “You can never fight at that level”, when other women, who were older than I had already done it. I came from a figure skating background and my metal was forged in the mean girl oven as a child. It was never me against my opponent, it was me against my naysayers. My coach would laughingly tell me before each round, “You can’t do this, little girl” just to get me riled.

    Simone broke because she’d not been prepared for the likelihood that she wasn’t the best, wasn’t the top of the heap. Her sport should have taught her better, but they didn’t. She was competing in a sport that should have made her tougher and it’s her team and coaches fault she failed. She wasn’t perfect. She wasn’t the best and it showed.

    But, I totally get why it broke her.