Charlie Kirk & Vaush Discuss Critical Race Theory And Applied Principles

Tim, Ian, and Lydia join founder of Turning Point USA Charlie Kirk and YouTuber and self-described ‘libertarian socialist’ Vaush to analyze the relative value and …

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5 responses to “Charlie Kirk & Vaush Discuss Critical Race Theory And Applied Principles”

  1. shall_not_infringe1841 says:

    Why wasn’t there a show last night? Did the crew get banned?

  2. EmmaJames says:

    Voush’s comment re race defined by certain characteristics being abhorrent, which I agree, reminded me of the Smithsonian exhibit that did just that. He, like, academia live and thrive in ideas, which IS admirable, BUT often ignore reality and history.

  3. GSDPJP says:

    Interesting video…. While watching them it became striking how typical each was of their individual camp.
    Vaush that fake intellectual, lacking facts and Charlie holding back complete outrage while trying to be cordial.
    Vaush comparing banning CRT in public schools to censorship was weak. Curriculum should never be solely in the hands of unelected bureaucrats or deceptive school boards.
    I also found it interesting Vaush was not particularly curious of Charlie’s view, very few questions. Again typical difference in the current environment.

  4. vhaeder says:

    I cannot stand this Vaush. His voice alone is so elitist and holier-than-thou that I cannot listen to him.

  5. DRUNKNBAKED says:

    No comments