Capitol Police EXPANDING Around US Using 1/6 As Excuse For Power, Democrats Push For NATIONAL Police

[youtube-feed-single]Capitol Police EXPANDING Around US Using 1/6 As Excuse For Power, Democrats Push For NATIONAL Police.

Democrats have been pushing for a national police force and many conservatives have feared that the BLM riots and calls to defund the police were just an effort to take power away from local jurisdictions and to create a federal police force around the country.

As the capitol police announce they are setting up offices on the east and west coast this may actually be the case, the trump supporters may have been right all along.


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9 responses to “Capitol Police EXPANDING Around US Using 1/6 As Excuse For Power, Democrats Push For NATIONAL Police”

  1. preyingmathis says:

    Yes, Trump=Hitler is worn out, I voted for him both times but still can’t help but wonder if this is all a big “reverse psychology” scheme. Trump looks like the savior saving America from the left but I can’t help thinking that it will ultimately be bad. As far as the vax goes he and everyone else knows Bills motives when it comes to vaccines and he also knows that Bill is wanted in several countries for hurting their population with his vaccines and everyone in our government is aware of that fact including Trump and they do nothing about it. Everyone in government is also aware of the horrible side affects of most vaccines and instead of doing anything to stop it they instead give them liability protection so that anyone hurt by them has no recourse. After the exposing of all the fraud and such who do you think the speaker of the house will be if Trump does get reinstated as well as other people that weren’t actually elected being removed and the people that were elected being put into place? Just saying… They are all actors in a big show and in order to get Americans to trust them again people will have to be sacrificed to that cause and after it all plays out and trust is re-established there is no telling what people will agree to in order to stop “corruption”.

  2. Trump = Hitler? That’s so worn-out. Otherwise, I think you make an interesting point about the Capital police maybe one day answering to Trump, but, I don’t think that chain of command exists; doesn’t the Capital Police report to Pelosi (the Speaker)?

    As far as Trump unleashing Bill’s tax on us “knowingly,” I’m not sure I’ve seen evidence of this; I don’t know Trump’s secret thoughts, but, anything’s possible, I guess.

    Qanon fanatics are often duped into thinking that just because 85% of the story is found to be true, the remaining 15% must be true, when in reality, the best liars know the best way to tell a lie is to include as much truth as possible.

    I agree the extreme left is uniting everyone “to the right” of their extremism, but, this is the so-called “alt-right,” who are just as fringe and cringe…classical liberals, little-l libertarians, conservatives ARE uniting, as we always eventually do…Freedom isn’t free, but, American’s are known for being stubborn – I have hope.

  3. preyingmathis says:

    Well, I believe it will be used against the left. Everyone knows the majority of people are pro constitution and are opposed to all this leftist nonsense. So how do you get pro constitution types to be okay with using a federal police force to get rid of “extremists”? Let the lunatics run around destroying things and when Trump is reinstated he will use the federal police force to get rid of the lunatics and pro constitution people will sing praises for him doing it. Trump is coming in as an angel of light but mark my words it is darkness that follows. It’s all a big show and they are using this to unite the right in a way to make them okay with going after these terrorists in an unconstitutional way…. Never forget it is Trump that unleashed big pharma Bill Gates vaccines on us. He knows what Bill has been up too and still paved the way for this experimental vax to be unleashed on us. He will come back exposing the so called swamp and their evil deeds and will get even the most patriotic among us to endorse a unified effort to smash the left. The left is toxic but it’s by design to unite us and get us on board with new laws and law enforcement for our own safety. I can’t help but think Trump really is a the next Hitler. I really don’t know what to believe anymore other than things are never what they seem to be and things are going to get really bad for everyone.

  4. StMyles2 says:

    Just an FYI… After 9/11 nation wide local police departments had lots of police officers that were Cross Deputized with full U.S. Marshalls and Special Agents (F.B.I.-It depended on your Rank at that time.) powers. They don’t have to depend on the Capitol Police for a Federal Police force. Lots of Police Forces were already empowered. At that time there was a little push back from local Police Chiefs because it would subvert their command of the officers. But the way things are today. Most of those Jr Officers are now probably Captains and above. Legal Precedent is already in place.

  5. Corey says:

    BIG PROBLEM – Since the Capitol Police are controlled by the Legislature they are not subject to FOIA requests. This will be Congresses secrete police with no way to monitor or hold them responcible. Why Ashi’s murder still goes free.

    and now for the vaccine they are going to go door to door.

  6. Tigranes says:

    No Mr. Pool, you are correct. Jan 6 will be used as pretense.

  7. WhiskeyRomeo says:

    According to the left/Democrats party, if you are right of them you are far-right so we are all at risk.

  8. CrispyBacon says:

    The federalization of local police has been rolling out since after 9/11/2001. This is just the next step toward their goal.