BLM Issues Statement Of Support For Cuban Communist Dictatorship, Blames US For Communist FAILURE

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7 responses to “BLM Issues Statement Of Support For Cuban Communist Dictatorship, Blames US For Communist FAILURE”

  1. IrateModerate says:

    BLM isn’t the only one
    AOC says the same

    AOC= Latina Black Widow
    Bright & shinny outside
    Full of Toxic Venom inside
    The venom of Socialism
    a prelude to communism


  2. adf86 says:

    Hi From the UK.

    The Blackrock/Blackstone stuff is both interesting and appalling. In the UK (and probably the US) they’re using pension funds to buy property, literally using our capitol to price us out of the housing market which I suspect is a symptom of keeping interest rates artificially low for 20 years, it’s destroying wealth creation in working people.

    It makes no sense to me for a young worker to pay into a pension prior to getting on the housing ladder. In fact these companies could be stopped in their tracks if everyone just stopped paying into a pension and put their pension contributions into getting their mortgages down instead.

  3. Sneak2k2 says:


  4. GovernmentIsRape says:

    The US-Cuba history is very interesting, here’s a preview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVjc5XScYvE

  5. Wolv256 says:

    I issue a statement condemning BLM

  6. Lemonhead says:

    Fuck it bring on the bugs and pods I’m done

  7. You. says:

    Blatant communists existing only in the luxurious periphery of capitalist America blaming the failure of communism on America not giving them more of its stuff?
    We’re approaching severe levels of HONK in this clown sector