Biden Warns Unvaxxed Of Death And SUFFERING Just Before Christmas

Tim, Luke, and Lydia join the guys from Fresh & Fit Podcast, Myron & Walter, to discuss the White House’s dark predictions about …

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3 responses to “Biden Warns Unvaxxed Of Death And SUFFERING Just Before Christmas”

  1. Hermitlion says:

    Rebel news has a video titled, Denmark Study Shows Vaccinated More Likely To Catch Omicron. In the video they show a chart that claims waning efficacy of the jab after 91-150 days. I have not been able to find the page in print outside of their video, only an abstract. I’m not laying claim to this being true or not, I’m just hoping someone at Timcast sees this, and ponders it’s newsworthiness. (I admit to being easily persuaded, that’s why I’m super skeptical, and hoping someone more knowledgeable will take a look) Respect to you and yours, Merry Christmas.

  2. gmgauthier says:

    I am growing desperately weary of punch-and-judy political culture. Both in the US and the UK, its all about how much pain, embarrassment, and shame can be inflicted on a target. Its worse than childish, because at least children don’t know any better. Its vicious and wicked. And yet, here we all are, gawping at it.

    We can’t stop the political from eating each other alive. But at least we could try to do something different.

  3. Patrick1984 says:

    I heard that a reporter asked Field Marshall Goering at the Nuremberg Trials. How did you get the German People to do all the things they did? He said, it was easy we just kept them in a constant state of fear, all the time.