Biden To Deploy MORE Troops To Afghanistan After BOTCHED Withdrawal, Trump WARNED Biden Not To Delay

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One response to “Biden To Deploy MORE Troops To Afghanistan After BOTCHED Withdrawal, Trump WARNED Biden Not To Delay”

  1. nothexpert says:

    Hey Tim! Just wanted to point some things out, but Parnell and Psobiec don’t seem to understand the Taliban and you left out a small portion of the history I believe to be very important.

    The Taliban are and always have been anti any type of government other than Sharia. If you look back a few months, the closer we’ve gotten to withdrawing the attacks on government and government officials intensify or stays steady, but there is not a reduction. The Taliban work with the IRGC and the Pakistani ISI where they receive funding and intel but this has been never been addressed in any meaningful way. The IRGC is a relatively new alliance but the ISI were heavily involved in bringing the Taliban to power, as was the Clinton administration and Saudi Arabia.

    Originally what was known as the Northern Alliance was the opposition to the Taliban. It was funded by Russia and Iran as traditionally radical Islam has had outsized effects on these countries, Iran for being majority Shia and Russia with Chechnya and the Dagestan region. It is important to note that before the Taliban officially came to power in 98 they killed 11 Iranian officials (Shia) almost setting off a war. The Northern Alliance comprised of Uzbeks, Tajiks and Hazara’s (Hazara’s are native to the region as are the others but Uzbeks and Tajiks have their own countries). These minority populations lived in the northern part of the country and the Pastuns mostly to the south.

    The Sunni Shia divide did not spare Afghanstan, as Hazara’s who are considered ethnic Shia have been killed on multiple occasions since the rise of the Taliban and even before. For anyone who isn’t familiar with the region or Islam the Shia’s traditionally have been persecuted by Sunn, and Iran being majority Shia has been a place of refuge for Shia populations since the creation of the modern borders and really since early Islam. As such Iran was heavily invested in protecting the Shia’s of Afghanistan, we unfortunately considered them an enemy and sided with their enemy, the Taliban. It wasn’t long before the Clinton administration realized what had happened but it was too late. As the Taliban gained more ground being backed by the CIA and the ISI they closed universities, forbade women from leaving the home without a blood relative, killed all religious minorities or used them as slaves and destroyed any form of government.

    When talking about the failures of Muslim or Islamic militaries it is important to note that across the region, from Syria fighting Israel to Iraq falling to ISIS there is a very high abandonment rate among the military. This cannot be attributed to one single reason but a problem attributable to westerners not understanding the importance of tribal and religious ties. When we see the Taliban walking into villages as the villages surrender or welcome them, these are people of the same tribe or ethnic background that have nothing to fear. It may be technically correct that the village is not “Taliban” controlled, the Pashtun tribal system is similar to Sharia and one author I read suggests that early Pashtun tribal rituals may have influenced early Islam. This is also the link between the ISI and the Taliban, the Pashtun connection.

    So when s**t hits the fan, fighting for the government of Afghanistan or the nation of Afghanistan really is a ridiculous notion unappealing to devout Muslims who see Sharia and the caliphate as a reason to fight. Not democracy or the state.

    Unfortunately we now how the Afghan civil war ends to some extent, but at one point the Taliban was actually losing. Ethnic and tribal tensions reared their ugly head and the Uzbeks and Tajiks ended up fighting each other, allowing the last cities to fall to the Taliban.

    So not all blame goes to Bush, especially because Saudi Arabia and Pakistan actually created the Taliban but we have some blame too. Anyways, it’s really sad, but under the first female VP more will be done to destroy women’s rights around the world than any misogynist could have hoped for.