UFO Sightings SKYROCKET During Lockdown, Secret Military Tech Is Getting INSANE, Tim Shows Off Old School Flintlock

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  1. Orcadragon says:

    Obviously a week or 2 late. But there are several companies that clone pets. I’ve seen them advertise in many places.

  2. Truepk says:

    WTF!!! Bro, how can the US military use wallhacks, but I can’t? Send the ban hammer on these guys.

    • Ban_Hammer says:

      I’m ready to be deployed

      • Gadsden_Tengu says:

        Oh this true gold!!!

      • Shawn_W says:

        I saw a UFO about 15 years ago in east Texas that slowly hovered on the horizon then it stopped, turned upside down, then shot straight up very fast without having to accelerate. It just kept going up for about a minute until It faded away. It had no lights on it and was shaped like a long diamond that was black. I never believed in UFOS till that day. I don’t know what else it could have been.

  3. Bignate says:

    I saw small pockets of rain cells on radar tonight that were tic tac shaped. Lol

  4. BTCMccullen says:

    Tim, in contrast to your time travel ideas, check out Stephen King’s 11.22.63

  5. Renny-d says:

    I like how Tim says he’ll eat bugs, but won’t eat cilantro. ??

  6. NathanHale21 says:

    Keep your finger off the trigger Tim!

  7. FriendsOfTheSecond says:

    Me and my wife Jean hunt with Flintlocks and air rifles slingshots hit us up if u are in Montreal area to huntwe are getting Sponsors and deal in Rifle Brazil match grade pellets would love to hunt multiple places we have a small farm

  8. Bruce1911 says:

    Ian, you need to check out lightcraft technology. Shit is wild. Been around for a while also. I learned about it through Jeremy over at alien scientist.

  9. Trek29er says:

    So small topic but spiders eat their old webs to recycle them before making a new one everyday. At least in most cases. Could be wrong on a couple.

  10. cassiemayrand says:

    Tim I would love for you to answers questions like super chats except on here for the really loyal lol. I know the show isn’t live on here but some type of q & a would be great. Keep fighting the good fight. Love all of you. Yes you too Ian.

  11. GodGuy says:

    You can roughly predict lottery numbers, we did it as data project. We used about 10 years worth of picks, were able to identify the ball sets and the common set rotation. We didnt get any big wins, but we had consistent small wins $1 – $100 with high regularity.

    • whatever says:

      The thing is: everyone wins something once in a while and small wins are pretty common. That’s the hook. The question is how much did you spend overall vs how much did you make. If the lottery is constructed properly, it will always make profit for the lottery company, the only variable is how to balance the lottery in such a way that it’s profitable, but not too profitable (since a person who plays 10 times and doesn’t win anything 10 times is not going to play anymore).

  12. apann says:

    at around 4:10 you were talking about how the “drones” were powered, i was reading that you can store radioactive waste in diamonds and its great for power. I only saw that on like reddit though so take it with a shaker of salt

  13. Zap_Brannigan says:

    Imagine the setting, it’s the apocalypse. Woke Dems now control all of the world. There is one platform. One President of the world. Hope, now as a distant thought that our forefathers had before the great reset, drifts away into the abyss. You are tending your government-run bitcoin farm when all of a sudden you hear a loud noise from the sky. There is a loud thunder as Tim Pool, Ian, and Lydia fall from the clouds riding on unicorns with laser beams attached to their freakin’ heads alongside Crowder and his cohorts. Tim, being calm and collected, pauses for a moment to take in the view. He inhales slowly, yet intently. Tim lifts up his voice,” FOR FREEEDOM”! He raises his trusty sawed off blunderbuss called “ole bessy” as the final battle for Middle-Earth begins. Rated PG-13….COMING SOON

    • Feddy_Von_Wigglestein says:

      While Ian scavenges for DMT and graphene, and destroying all remaining sugar products that the Woke Mafia has allowed to continue to exist.

      • Zap_Brannigan says:

        Ian, being a level 20 DMT sorceror, uses his perception of reality and DMT to confuse and route all of the level 15 woke beserkers and is especially good at lowering the moral of the enemy as they start to question their own existence and the purpose of life itself.

  14. yourmomisabadwolf says:

    Hey Tim, what is the name of that person that is forbidden on yt and other social media sites? You referenced the forbidden name on your Timcast channel today. Obviously you cant mention it on yt, otherwise I would have asked there ?

    • TheMadHapa says:

      Watch the first membership video, I believe Tim says the name that should not be named on YT.

    • Feddy_Von_Wigglestein says:

      I believe it’s the man who didn’t kill himself.

    • LVIII says:

      The person referenced isn’t Epstein, it’s the Shumer staffer who worked in Obama’s White House and remained as a lower-level employee in Trump’s White House to sabotage his work as president and leak information to the deep state establishment. His name was forbidden to be spoken, even out of context, on the floor of the Capitol building during the first impeachment trial of 45.

      Every Right Indoctrinated Clone, Can Induce A Ritual About Massive Elliptical Lunar Light Abuses.

  15. Curt says:

    It’s only a matter of time that the Woke gonna start saying the space exploration is white supremacy

  16. JGtheCoalMiner3 says:

    Finally the long promised video of Tim actually manipulating a firearm lol

  17. Shpadoinkel says:

    Howdy everybody. I just joined today and im wondering if upgrading membership gets more content.

  18. Davidt92 says:

    Vincent D’Onofrio ? 😀

  19. groberts1980 says:

    My uncle went to the Bahamas to get a blood serum treatment for cancer about 10 years ago. The U.S. wasn’t allowing the use or research of what he was getting.

    I’m not sure I see a point in super soldiers in the era of rifles and other ballistic weapons. During the Middle Ages sure, when combat was basically mostly hand to hand and using other hand weapons. What point is a super soldier who can just get shot anyway? I think technology (such as the x-ray helmets) will give soldiers the real advantage.

  20. Doug says:

    Alice through the looking glass

  21. Some old guy in the UK says:

    Lenses to see though walls – yes, they really exist.

    Aren’t they called windows? ?

  22. Golddess says:

    Reminds me of how Star Trek Voyager’s poor ratings led to the Obama presidency.

  23. NickP says:

    Look into person of interest.. great show may be real

  24. grave367 says:

    If someone was actually sent back in time to help, nobody would believe them anyway.

    It’s a finicky game.

  25. Jmjordan6 says:

    FLIR is Forward Looking Infrared

  26. Plastdunk says:

    research “operation looking glass” about to view the future…

  27. FxTwT says:

    They haven’t stopped cloning most livestock that we eat for meat. The FDA approved consumption of clone meat, so that technology hasn’t gone underground. It’s completely normalized.

  28. Darksto says:

    Tim and Ian should spend little bit more time on HK history. When HK return to China in 97 the monarch offered the people of HK 2 options ,
    1 fully independence with the help and protection from UK
    2. back to mainland China,

    the ruling elite and the hk people see the rise of Chinese economy and has great hope China is on its way to democratic path (this was before Xi and Obama the fall of west of course ) so they decided to return to the mainland under the 1 country 2 system rule. Last month this is no longer the case FYI.

  29. Unknown says:

    Haven’t shot a flintlock in about 20 years. Shot a caplock rifle just 3 days ago. Hit a steel plate at 50 yards. You’re gunna have a lot of fun with that pistol, just make sure to avoid hitting any butterflies, wouldn’t want you to be responsible for the total destruction of our planet in 1,000,000 years.

  30. kdiddy97 says:

    Literally everything is calculable. Every single incident *can* be predicted, so long as the necessary measurements can be taken and the necessary application of formulae can be made.

    • Unknown says:

      Wrong. Critically Racist Theory dictates that measurements are objective, thus white, which is subjective, thus nothing can be predicted. Instead everything that comes to be is willed into existence with chants and screaming.

  31. Bigfootisreal says:

    I’ve seen a few things in the sky over the past year. I live in the middle of nowhere on Vancouver island and there’s always an interesting boring sound coming from the mountains behind me.

  32. benben says:

    “because we’re not in australia”

    I died ???

  33. UppityG says:

    I’m more inclined to think it’s USMIL that just doesn’t want to talk about it. Easier to let us speculate and enjoy the cover it gives them. Please invite Turner on a regular basis.

  34. John_Beart says:

    Thanx everyone ?

  35. 1313epicmonster says:

    That episode of TNG was a commentary on conversion therapy which was in the news at the time.

  36. re Main show and Hong Kong. Britain had a ‘Lease” of the island from China. 1997 the lease was up, so it had to transition back to China. I’m not up on all the details but apparently it was intended to be ‘autonomous’ or such…but still a part of China. You guys are great, but often when you’re commenting on things related to Britain, monarchy, Australia etc…you really need to do more homework. For example the Queen has basically no authority over Australia, but is a ‘constitutional monarch’…she has nowt to do with our laws or government, except very very rarely, example being in 1975 when the Labor government was sacked by the governor General, he had to do ‘go through the motion’ of asking for Queenie’s permission, which is basically a bureaucratic motion. BTW regarding that 1975 incident, it’s widely understood that it was because of great pressure from the CIA / USA to sack the govnmnt abd it was related to US Basis in Australia.

  37. Whinterfell says:

    I wonder how many people will be looking at Flintlock pistols now and just how many are going to be bought after this haha.

  38. DanTrinkle says:

    I did not know a flint lock pistol didn’t need an FFL!!! BRB GETTING A FLINT LOCK PISTOL!!!

    • JDTN1985 says:

      Not just flintlocks, but all black powder firearms. It should be noted that the lack of a required background check applies to federal law. State and/or local law may still require it, but I can’t think of any specific place that actually does at the moment. Also, IIRC even felons and other “restricted” persons can legally purchase them. Would strongly suggest double checking the laws in your area before purchasing just to be on the safe side.

  39. Gojeta says:

    Looks like ash ketchum holding a gun

  40. TaylorTheRed says:

    I believe the second trigger is a set trigger to set the other trigger to a lighter pull weight making it easier to be accurate

    • JDTN1985 says:

      You are 100% correct. It’s a little odd to see them on a pistol since they are far more common on rifles, but if this pistol was designed primarily for competitive target shooting like Tim mentioned, then it would make perfect sense to have it.

  41. andrei says:

    No one:
    Ian: It might be graphene!

    • DanTrinkle says:

      Ian’s brain is all over the place! Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it. But it’s always entertaining!

      • Lnchbox says:

        Very, very, very, very rarely is it interesting. But it does happen. The rest of the time it would be better if he was not there.

        • yourmomisabadwolf says:

          Hey Tim, what is the name of that person that is forbidden on yt and other social media sites? You referenced the forbidden name on your Timcast channel today. Obviously you cant mention it on yt, otherwise I would have asked there ?

  42. thejcowan says:

    2020 UFO sightings spike…

    U.S. alcohol e-commerce sales will approach $5.6 billion in 2020, up from roughly $3 billion last year…lol

  43. GrudgeAxe says:

    The Simpsons and the chicken in the oven

    • MangoldMachine says:

      People just don’t know what satellites look like or know that there are tons of things whizzing around overhead all the time. I’ve seen the skylink train and it was utterly baffling before I figured out what I had seen. My kids and I track the ISS so we get to watch it track across a clear night’s sky until it suddenly disappears as it enters the Earth’s shade. Not to mention the occasional drone or high-altitude military aircraft that don’t use the same light identifiers as commercial planes. It’s sad that people are so unfamiliar with the mundane yet mind-blowing sophistication that surrounds our planet until they have nothing else to do.