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US Senate Candidate Cancels Fundraiser Because of Organizer’s Twitter Profile Photo
Penn School Teacher Allegedly Threatened A Shooting After COVID Barrier Was Taken Down
New Hampshire Rejects $27 Million in Federal Funding for COVID Vaccine Outreach
Colorado State University Bans Unvaccinated Student From Campus, Threatens Them With Arrest
Street Artist Puts Coffin on Trump's Hollywood Star to Protest Those Who Oppose Mask Mandates and Vaccines
Finland Will Limit Moderna Vaccine to People 30 and Older
Sweden Pauses Moderna Vaccine for Anyone Under The Age of 30
Foreign Visitors Barred From Australia Until 2022
Dating Website 'Match' Releases Vaccination Data on US Singles
Sen. Feinstein Introduces Bill to Require Proof of Vaccine, Negative Test, or 'Documentation of Recovery' For Domestic Flights
San Diego Unified School District Mandates Vaccines for All Staff and Students
Massachusetts Police Officers Resign Over COVID-19 Mandate
Moderna CEO Says Pandemic Could Be Over Next Year
When Asked About Vaccine Mandates, Ibram X. Kendi says People of Color Do Not Have Access to COVID-19 Vaccine
Family Guy Releases 'Schoolhouse Rock!' Style Pro-Vaccine Ad (VIDEO)
Funeral Truck At NFL Game That Read 'Don’t Get Vaccinated' was Part of Pro-Vaccination Ad Campaign
Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Claims COVID-19 Vaccines 'Kill More People' Than Drug Companies Say
DC Student Athletes, School Staff, Ordered to Get Mandatory Vaccinations
Nicki Minaj Says She Will Never Use Twitter Again in Instagram Live Rant
Whirlpool Offers Employees $1,000 to Get Vaccinated As Companies Ramp Up Incentive Programs
US Army Announces Soldiers Must Be Vaccinated By December 15 — Or Potentially Be Relieved of Duties
Pfizer May Release Vaccine Data on Kids Under Age 5 This Fall