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Ted Cruz Says DeSantis Was 'Big Winner' Of Wednesday's Debate
Ted Cruz Says Democratic Border Policies 'Empower' Cartels
Cruz Slams Biden, Other Democratic Officials On Podcast
Cruz Says Democrats Would Support Biden Even If There Was Video Evidence Of Him Engaging In Corruption
Ted Cruz Accuses 'Barbie' of Promoting 'Chinese Communist Propaganda' With Controversial Map
Ted Cruz Praises Matt Walsh, Libs Of Tik Tok For Exposing Transgenderism
Sen. Cruz Blasts Biden Over Reports That a $400,000 Missile May Have Been Used to Shoot Down $12 Hobby Weather Balloon
Senator Ted Cruz Says He Will Not Seek the Presidency in 2024
Man Who Threw Can of White Claw at Sen. Ted Cruz Claims He Was Trying to Get Him to Chug It
Man Arrested for Hitting Sen. Ted Cruz With a Beer Can at Houston Astros’ World Series Parade (VIDEOS)
Senator Ted Cruz Endorses Harriet Hageman in Wyoming Primary
Rep. Ruben Gallego Calls Sen. Ted Cruz a 'F-cking Baby Killer' in Profane Social Media Rant
Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Sen. Ted Cruz in Campaign Finance Loans
Ted Cruz Demands White House 'Fess Up' About FBI Involvement on January 6 (VIDEO)
Ted Cruz and Rand Paul Fire Back at Fauci Over 'Smug' Claim That He 'Represents Science'
Senator Ted Cruz Filed Bill to Block Vaccine Mandate for Kids
Sen. Cruz: Sanders, AOC, Warren Should Sail To Cuba
Ted Cruz Celebrates 'Patriots Standing Up to Space Aliens' on Fourth of July
Senator Ted Cruz Says He is Considering 2024 Run (VIDEO)