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China Quietly Holds Military Drills To Practice Taking Taiwan By Force
U.S. to Provide $345 Million in Military Aid to Taiwan
Federal Officials Prepping Evacuation Plan For U.S. Citizens In Taiwan
Chinese Military Says It Can Now Bring 'Total Destruction' To America's Most Advanced Carrier Group
U.S. Building Troop Forces In Taiwan Amid Heightened Tensions With China
House Committee to Wargame China Invasion of Taiwan Scenario
U.S. Would Run Out of Munitions In A Week In Conflict With China: New Report
Taiwan Extends Mandatory Military Service to One Year Over China Threat
China Could Invade Taiwan By The End of 2022, Military Official Warns
China's State-Run Media Calls Reunification With Taiwan 'Inevitable and Necessary'
US To Defend Taiwan If China Invades, Biden Confirms
Taiwan Fires Warning Shots At Chinese Drone
OPINION: Taiwan Should Be Admired—And Defended—By The World
China Announces Second Series Of Drills In Response To New US Delegation In Taiwan
Maker of Snickers Apologizes for Launch Campaign that Alluded to Taiwan as a Country
China Launches ‘Unprecedented’ Military Drills On Taiwan's Coastal Borders
Top Chinese Battery Maker Pauses Plans For North American Plant After Pelosi’s Visit to Taiwan
WATCH LIVE: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Lands in Taiwan, Despite China's Threats of Retaliation
US Senator Tammy Duckworth Visits Taiwan for the Second Time
Biden Says US Would Militarily Intervene to Defend Taiwan, White House Rushes to Walk it Back
Chinese Aircraft Carrier Reported in Taiwan Strait 12 Hours Before Biden-Xi Call
US to Deploy Thousands of Troops to Australia as Their Tension With China Builds