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Illinois Gov. Pritzker Responds to NRA Tweet About Gun-Free Zones — Says, 'Leave Us the Hell Alone'
New York Legislators Write New Gun Laws to Impede SCOTUS Decision
Lawyers Ousted From Firm After Winning SCOTUS Gun Case
Senate Passes 'Safer Communities' Gun Control Package in Late-Night Vote — With Help of 15 Republicans
Senate May Vote on Gun Control Before the Weekend
Senate Votes to Advance Gun Control Legislation With Support From 14 Republicans
California Pet Shelter Bars People Who Support Gun Ownership from Adopting Animals
BREAKING: U.S. House to Vote on 'Protecting Our Kids Act' Gun Control Legislation
Ohio Legislature Passes Bill Permitting Educators to Carry Guns in School
Representative Adam Kinzinger Says He Is Open to Assault Weapons Ban Following Uvalde School Shooting
Biden Suggests 'High-Caliber Assault Rifle' Ban as 'Rational' Gun Control Option
Mass Shootings In New York, California, Illinois and Texas Over the Weekend
President Joe Biden Announces Serial Number Requirements for 'Ghost Gun'
Biden Calls for More Gun Control in Wake of Sacramento Shooting
Ohio Becomes The 23rd State To Pass Constitutional, Permit-less Concealed Carry Gun Law
Justice Department Files Lawsuit Against State of Missouri Over Bill to Protect the Second Amendment
Gun Manufacturer Remington to Pay Sandy Hook Families $73 Million Settlement
States Urge Supreme Court To Review Maryland’s Strictest Gun Law 
Support for Gun Control Hits Lowest Point Since 2014
BREAKING: Judge Drops Firearm Charge Against Kyle Rittenhouse Prior to Closing Arguments
Biden Administration Collected Records From Millions of Gun Owners
State Senator Proposes Castle Doctrine Expansion in Pennsylvania