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Big Tech Tells SCOTUS Affirmative Action Is Crucial To Profits
Two-Thirds of Americans Support SCOTUS Term Limits
90% of Companies Won't Issue Public Statement on Abortion Following Dobbs Decision
BREAKING: Multiple Members of Congress, Including AOC, Arrested Over Pro-Abortion Demonstration Outside SCOTUS (VIDEOS)
Congress Seeks to Codify Gay Marriage Federally After SCOTUS Dobbs Ruling
New Data: Americans Are Deeply Divided Over the Supreme Court
New York Legislators Write New Gun Laws to Impede SCOTUS Decision
Ketanji Brown Jackson Sworn in as 116th Supreme Court Justice (VIDEO)
Nancy Pelosi Attacks 'Extremist Supreme Court' In Letter to Colleagues
WATCH: NYC Protests Roe Repeal, Claim ‘Extreme Violence Against SCOTUS is Self-Defense’
Pro-Abortion Protesters Attempt to Breach Arizona Capitol Building, Force Senate Into Recess (VIDEOS)
Democrats Call Supreme Court 'Illegitimate,' Urge Resistance Following Abortion Decision
Text of SCOTUS' Roe v. Wade Decision Opens Door to Upend Gay Marriage
Former President Barack Obama Issues Statement Condemning Overturning of Roe, Calls for People to Protest
SCOTUS Strikes Down New York State's 'Proper Cause' Gun Control Law
Democrat Legislators Announce Plan to Subvert SCOTUS Decision That Overturns Roe v Wade
House Passes Bill to Protect Family Members of SCOTUS Justices — 27 Democrats Voted Against It
GOP Senator Tom Cotton Demands AG Garland 'Resign in Disgrace' or Be Impeached Over SCOTUS Protests
Pro-Abortion Activists in Handmaid’s Tale Costumes Show Up to Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s Home
Pro-Abortion Activists Protest Outside of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco Mansion
Over 75 Percent of Voters Say Protesting at Homes of Supreme Court Justices is 'Unacceptable'
Pro-Abortion Activists Vandalize Pregnancy Centers in Oregon and Maryland That Encourage Women to Keep Their Babies