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Disney Employees Among 219 People Busted in Florida Human Trafficking Sting Operation
Gender Spectrum Announces an End to Its Direct Service Programming
Bibles Banned from Classrooms in Utah School District
Former California Cheerleading Coach Charged With Molesting Six Girls as Young as 11 Years Old
Oregon High School Teacher Had Students Write About Sexual Fantasies and Reveal Classmates They Would Have Sex With
New York Students Make Deep Fake Video of Principal Making Racist Threats
California Teacher Says She Was Fired for Not Hiding Student's 'Gender Identity' From Parents
CDC Youth Survey Finds LGBQ Teens are Struggling Despite Increased Acceptance and Awareness Nationwide
Canadian School District to Impliment Dress Code After Shop Teacher Sparked Outrage By Wearing Massive Fake Breasts
Virginia School District Vows to Continue Hiding Info About Transgender Students From Their Parents, Defying State's Guidelines
OPINION: US Taxpayers Unknowingly Fund Grooming and Pedophilia
DC Mayor Bowser Says All Students Must Be Vaccinated to Come to School, Will Not Offer Virtual Option
Majority of DeSantis-Endorsed School Board Candidates Win in Florida, Even in Counties Previously Controlled By Liberals
USDA Announces Religious Schools Would Be Exempt from Title IX Expansion
Civil Rights Groups Want to Fix USDA School Lunch Program’s 'Dietary Racism'
Ohio Legislature Passes Bill Permitting Educators to Carry Guns in School
UPenn Swimmer Lia Thomas Says Not Including Trans Athletes is ‘Othering’
Nevada Student Files Lawsuit Claiming Students Are Using Anonymous Gun Reports to Bully Him
Indiana Legislature Overrides Governor's Veto to Enact Transgender Sports Regulations
FDA Authorizes Booster Shot for Children Between the Ages of 5 and 11
Los Angeles School Board Delays Vaccine Mandate Until July 2023
Oregon Implements 'Menstrual Dignity Act' in Public Schools with Focus on 'Gender Inclusivity'