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United Methodist Church Continues to Split as Over 400 Texas Churches Vote to Disaffiliate
Vermont Permits State-Tuition Assistance to Be Used for Religious Schools
UNC Charlotte Updates Weapons Policies So Sikh Students Can Carry Ceremonial Dagger on Campus
Colorado Baker Who Refused to Make Cake for Same-Sex Wedding Now in Court for Refusing to Make Cake Celebrating Transgender Person
Harris Argues Americans Don't Need to 'Abandon Their Faith' to be Pro-Abortion, Says 'It's Literally That Basic'
Muslim Women's Group at Syracuse University Asks for Female-Only Pool Hours
Supreme Court Declines to Block Court Order Compelling Yeshiva University to Permit LGBTQ Club
OPINION: As Shia LaBeouf Awaits Trial for Sexual Battery, His Upcoming Role as a Catholic Saint Gives Hope for Redemption
Greek Orthodox Church to Send Letter Protesting Baptism Conducted for Same-Sex Couple
Co-Founder of South Africa Satanic Church Resigns After Converting to Christianity
Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Football Coach Who Prayed On the 50-Yard-Line After High School Games
Supreme Court Rules Maine Cannot Exclude Religious School from Tuition Program
Texas Preacher Calls For Execution of Gays
OPINION: What Prompts Abortion Activists To Raid A Hispanic Church On Mother's Day?
Supreme Court Rules Boston's Denial of Christian Flag Violated the First Amendment
Chicago Church is 'Fasting From Whiteness' For Lent
Head of Russian Orthodox Church Said Soldiers Should Defend Country 'As Only Russians Can'
Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Death Row Inmate in Religious Rights Case
Televangelist Pat Robertson Says Putin Is 'Compelled by God' in Ukrainian Invasion
Air Force Reprimands Chaplain for Pursuing Religious Exemption to Defense Secretary’s Vaccine Mandate
Illinois Elementary School Offering 'After School Satan Club'
Federal Judge Order Mississippi City to Allow Mosque Construction