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Sen. Rand Paul Calls for Top 10 Percent of the FBI to Be Replaced
Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie Reintroduces Legislation To Audit Federal Reserve
Rand Paul Releases Omnibus Bill-Themed Rendition Of 'Night Before Christmas' Poem
House Votes to End COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Military Branches
Sen. Rand Paul Calls For Repeal of Espionage Act Following Mar-a-Lago Raid
Dr. Fauci Admits Vaccine Approval Committee Members Do Not Have to Disclose Kickbacks From Manufacturers During Fiery Exchange With Sen. Paul
Kentucky Democrat Senate Candidate Wears Noose in New Campaign Ad Criticizing Sen. Rand Paul
Senator Rand Paul Wins Kentucky Primary
Sen. Rand Paul Introducing 'Fauci Amendment' to Get Rid of the NIAID Director's Job
Sen. Rand Paul Says He Hopes for a Freedom Convoy in the US, Encourages Them to ‘Clog Cities Up’
Sen. Rand Paul Vows to Investigate Anthony Fauci if Republicans Win Back the Senate
Sen. Rand Paul Says He is Canceling DirectTV Service After They Dropped One America News
Senate Rejects Bid to Stop Sale of Weapons to Saudi Arabia
Ted Cruz and Rand Paul Fire Back at Fauci Over 'Smug' Claim That He 'Represents Science'
Sen. Rand Paul Says Dr. Fauci Was Trying to 'Cover His A--’ Over Gain of Function Research, Demands Resignation
Rand Paul Suspended From YouTube Over Video Discussing Science Of Masks
Sen. Rand Paul Urges People to Defy COVID Mandates: ‘They Can’t Arrest All of Us’ (VIDEO)
WATCH: Sen. Rand Paul Says He's Asking Justice Department For Criminal Referral Into Fauci
Rand Paul Will Push to Repeal Airplane Mask Mandate