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Director of Diversity at Connecticut School District Apologizes for Retweets About White People
Loudoun Schools Sued for 'Moral Corruption of Children … Deliberate, Almost Gleeful, Violations of Parental Rights'
Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Football Coach Who Prayed On the 50-Yard-Line After High School Games
Texas Governor Orders Safety Officials to Conduct ‘Unannounced, Random Intruder’ Audits to ‘Find Weak Points’ in Schools
Republican Congressional Candidate Wins Court Battle to Have Graphic Sexual Books Removed From Virginia Beach Public Schools
Governor Henry McMaster Signs South Carolina's Save Women's Sports Act into Law
South Carolina's 'Save Women's Sports' Act Sent to Governor's Desk
Los Angeles School Board Delays Vaccine Mandate Until July 2023
Florida Mother Suing School That Secretly Discussed Gender Transition With Her Middle Schooler
Oregon Implements 'Menstrual Dignity Act' in Public Schools with Focus on 'Gender Inclusivity'
Hillsdale College to Open 50 Charter Schools in Tennessee
Maryland Department of Education Will Require Pre-K Students to Learn about Gender Identity and Expression
Boston Mayor Announces Plan to Replace Over 700 School Buses with Electric Alternatives
Georgia Governor to Sign 'Parents' Bill of Rights' For Education
Florida Governor DeSantis Signs Bill Protecting Parental Rights in Education
New Jersey Middle School Students Shown Video About Transgender Hormone Treatment Without Notifying Parents
Just 24 Percent of Americans Believe Public Schools Are On the Right Track, Majority Distrust the Way Teachers Are Handling Race Issues
Mississippi Passes Bill Regulating the Discussion of Race in Schools
Michigan Senate Adopts Resolution to Grant Parents Right to ‘Direct’ Their Children’s Education
California Elementary School That Housed Girls With Non-Binary Camp Counselors Ignites Outrage Among Parents
Biden Attacks Florida Bill Limiting Discussion of 'Gender Identity' and Sexual Orientation in Schools
Missouri Attorney General Files Lawsuits Against Three Dozen School Districts Over Mask Mandates