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Oklahoma Approves First Religious Charter School
Vermont School District Ordered to Pay Middle School Soccer Coach Who Objected to Biological Males Using Girls' Locker Room
Religious Families Sue Maryland School District for Exposing Children to Sexual Content with Pride Storybooks
New Hampshire Legislature Votes Against Requiring Schools to Tell Parents About Students' Gender Transition
Schools in Four West Virginia Counties Will Install Facial Recognition Software
Federal Judge Rules After School Satan Club Must be Allowed to Convene in Pennsylvania
President Joe Biden Praises Teacher of The Year: 'Our Nation's Children are All Our Children'
North Dakota Legislature Fails to Override Governor Veto of Pronouns in School Bill
North Carolina Passes Bill to Ban Biological Males From Girls Sports
Kentucky Governor Vetos New Regulation on Transgender-Related Issues
AOC Argues it's 'Fascism' for Parents to Be Informed About What the Government is Teaching Their Kids (VIDEO)
Majority of Americans Believe it is Inappropriate for Public School Teachers to Discuss Political Views in the Classroom
North Carolina Teacher Reportedly Stripped of Her Visa After Taping 11-Year-Old Boy's Mouth Shut for Talking During Class
Iowa Governor Signs Gender Bathroom Bill, Minor Sex Transition Restrictions into Law
Bill Requiring Individuals to Use School Bathrooms That Match Their Biological Sex Sent to Iowa Governor's Desk
Report: Gov. Newsom’s Wife's Company Made Over $1.4 Million Charging Public Schools to Screen Sexually Explicit Gender Documentaries
Oklahoma Elementary School Worker Arrested for Solicitation and Possession of Child Porn After Being Busted By 'Predator Poachers' Sting (VIDEO)
CDC Advisory Group Recommends Adding COVID-19 Vaccine to Immunization Schedule
Pennsylvania Bill Would Ban Teachers From Discussing Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Through Fifth Grade
DOJ Announces Settlement With Iowa School District Over Use of Seclusion and Restraint on Special Needs Students
West Virginia AG Files Opening Brief in Challenge Ahead of Hope Scholarship Hearing
California Elementary School Principal Charged With Child Abuse After Assaulting 10-Year-Old Special Needs Student