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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Supported by 14% of Voters Who Backed President Joe Biden in 2020
For Republicans, A Candidate Who Shares Their Views Is More Important Than A Candidate Who Can Actually Win In 2024, New Poll Finds
Civic Values Like Patriotism, Religion In Steep Decline, New Data Shows
Trump Polling Higher As Threat of Prosecution Ramps Up
Poll: Most Democrats Still Don't Want Biden As the 2024 Nominee
New Survey: Americans Rank 'The Government' As Nation's Top Problem
Mitch McConnell Least Favorite Senator, According to New Poll
Americans Pessimistic About 2023, New Poll Finds
Poll: Majority of Americans Want Investigations Into Social Media Companies
Trump's Support Among GOP Voters Plummets — DeSantis Now Beating Him By 23 Points
Number of Gunowners Who Carry on Their Person Daily Doubled in 4 Years
Less Than 10% of Americans Believe U.S. Democracy is Working: AP-NORC Center
Poll: Woke Politicians To Blame For Crime Increase, According To Over 60 Percent Of Americans
Future of the Nation is at Stake in November's Midterm Elections, According to Over 70 Percent of Americans
Nearly Eight in Ten Americans Say Violent Crime is a Major Problem
Majority of Americans From Both Parties Believe That Their Side is Losing More Often Than Winning on Big Issues
More Than Half of Voters Believe Biden Mentally Unfit For Presidency, According to New Poll
Majority of Republicans Want Trump to Run in 2024 — Even if He's Charged With a Crime
Ohio Poll: Trump Leads Biden by 14 Points
Poll Finds 75 Percent of Democrats Do Not Want Biden to Be Their Party's Nominee in 2024
Two-Thirds of Americans Support SCOTUS Term Limits
New Data: Americans Are Deeply Divided Over the Supreme Court