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Illinois Man Charged with Setting Fire to Planned Parenthood, Says He Was Upset About Ex-Girlfriend Who Had an Abortion Years Earlier
Local Watchdog: Idaho School Districts Use Planned Parenthood-Endorsed Sex Ed Program In Violation Of The Law
Arizona Court Rules Abortion Doctors Can't Be Prosecuted
Planned Parenthood Challenges Arizona Abortion Ban Written In 1864
Republicans Submit Legislation Prohibiting Federal Funding Of Sexually Explicit Material For Children
Planned Parenthood Announces First Mobile Clinic That Will Dispense Abortion Pills
Idaho Reportedly Offers Porn Literacy Program To Students Through Federal Funds
Kentucky Supreme Court Rules Abortion Ban Can Go Into Effect Amid Legal Challenges
Planned Parenthood to Spend $50 Million on Midterm Elections in New 'Take Control' Electoral Program
Planned Parenthood Edits Website, Removes Explainer About How Ectopic Pregnancy Treatment is Not Abortion
California School District Will Consider Opening Planned Parenthood Clinic on High School Campus
Planned Parenthood Responds to Leaked Supreme Court Draft That Would Overturn Roe v. Wade
Oklahoma House Approves Law Banning Abortions After Six Weeks
Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill Making Performing an Abortion a Felony
Abortions in Texas Drop 60% Under New Restrictions
Ohio State University Encourages Students To ‘Thank Abortion Providers’ During ‘Sex Week’