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New Jersey School Board Attorney Claims Parents Don't Have the 'Right' to 'Dictate What Their Children Are Taught' (VIDEO)
SEC Targets New Jersey Father-Son Team Alleged To Have Inflated Local Deli's Value To $100 Million
New Jersey Schools Required To Teach Kids About Anal Sex, Masturbation
New Jersey Lawmaker Proposes Banning Term 'Illegal Alien' From State Laws
New Jersey Lawmakers Introduce ESA, School Choice Bill to Circumvent Mandates
Transgender Inmate Sentenced To Seven Years After Raping Female Prisoner
New Hampshire Democrats Urge DNC to Keep Traditional Order of Presidential Primaries
Recreational Marijuana Sales Begin in New Jersey
Two Prisoners In New Jersey's All-Female Prison Pregnant By Transgender Inmate
Media Analyst and Writer Eric Boehlert Dead After Biking Accident
New Jersey Middle School Students Shown Video About Transgender Hormone Treatment Without Notifying Parents
New Jersey City Removing Putin's Name From 9/11 Memorial Gifted By Russia
New Jersey Governor Gearing Up to Lift Mask Mandate for Schools, According to Report
NJ to Pay $53 Million in Settlements Over COVID Deaths in State-Run Veteran Homes
New Jersey Announces Plans To Infuse Higher Education with $400 Million
Ciattarelli Campaign Weighed In On Possible Recount in New Jersey
Soft Secession or Federalism In Action?
Ciattarelli leads Murphy in ‘Too Close Call’ New Jersey Governor Race
Democrat New Jersey State Senate President in Danger of Losing to Republican Truck Driver Who Spent Less Than $200 on Campaign
New Jersey’s Odd-Year Governor Race Has Murphy Leading Ciattarelli
Four States Will Share Gun Data in an Effort to Prevent Crimes
More Than 45 Deaths Reported in the Northeast Following Hurricane Ida