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Associated Press Fires Reporter Behind False Russian Missile Story
Putin Moves Nuclear Bombers to NATO Border
NATO Official Says Russian Use Of Nukes Would Result In 'Physical Response'
Ukraine Announces Application for Expedited NATO Membership
NATO Condemns Nord Stream Attack Which Russia Says Occurred in US Intelligence Controlled Zone
Giorgia Meloni Elected New Prime Minister of Italy
Putin Threatens Nuclear War, Mobilizes Reservists
Four Regions of Ukraine Schedule Votes to Join Russia
Russia Deploys Hypersonic Missiles to Base in Territory Bordering NATO Countries
Josh Hawley Was the Only Senator to Oppose NATO Membership for  Finland, Sweden
House Passes Bill Supporting Sweden and Finland Bid to Join NATO
NATO Offers Formal Membership Invitation to Finland and Sweden
Officials From Sweden and Finland Visit White House Amid NATO Talks
Finland Announces It Will Join NATO
Erdogan Pumps the Breaks on Finland, Sweden Joining NATO
Finland 'Must Apply For NATO Membership Without Delay,' Say President and Prime Minister
Congress Reaches Deal To Expand Ukraine Support to $40 Billion
Congressman Kinzinger To Introduce Resolution Authorizing Involvement In War In Ukraine
Biden Requests Additional $33 Billion For Ukraine
Russia Says 'Nuclear-Free Status of the Baltic' Will Be Impossible if Finland and Sweden Join NATO
Large Majority of Americans Are Concerned the US Will Be Drawn Into Ukraine Conflict
The US and European Union Reach Deal To Reduce Reliance on Russia's Natural Gas