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Army Begins 'Involuntary Administrative Separations' for Unvaccinated Soldiers
North Korea Holds Third Missile Test Following US Sanctions
Biden Sanctions North Korea Over Weapons Program After Multiple Missile Tests
Russia Sends Paratroopers to Kazakhstan Following Request From Its President
North Korea Conducts First Ballistic Missile Test of 2022
U.S. Warship Ordered to Stay in the Mediterranean Due to Russia-Ukraine Tension
Build Up of Russian Troops on Ukraine Border Revealed By Satellite Images
Oklahoma Guard Defies Pentagon Vaccine Mandate
Former Secretary of State Colin Powell Dies at age 84
House Votes To Include Women In the Draft as Part of Pentagon’s Budget
Lawmakers Introduce Ban On Dishonorable Discharges For Unvaccinated Military Members
China Denounced US-UK-Australia Pact as Narrow-Minded and Extremely Irresponsible
Military Threatens to Revoke Benefits From Marines Who Won't Get the Vaccine
Senate Armed Services Panel Votes to Make Women Register for the Draft
Nevada Air Force Base Hosts Drag Show For Attendees to Learn the 'History and Significance of Drag Performance Art'