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Hospitals Reinstate Mask Mandates Despite Study Claiming They 'Make Little to No Difference'
Laws Passed After COVID-19 Pandemic Prevent Mask Mandates In Arizona
Federal Court Strikes Down Biden Admin Mask, Vaccine Mandates For Head Start Programs
Beverly Hills Votes to Reject Potential LA County Mask Mandate
New Jersey Lawmakers Introduce ESA, School Choice Bill to Circumvent Mandates
Psaki Walks Back Biden’s Comment That It’s a Personal Decision if People Want to Wear Masks on Planes (VIDEO)
AP News Reports Majority of Americans Want Travel Mask Mandate to Stay in Place
Philadelphia to Reinstate Mask Mandate for Indoor Public Places
Seattle Students Stage Walkout Against Mask Mandate Being Lifted
France Ends Mask Mandates and Restrictions for Unvaccinated People
White House, Capitol Lift Mask Mandate Ahead of Biden’s State of the Union
Polling Firm Tells Democrats to Declare COVID-19 Win Ahead of Midterm Elections
Bulgarians Protest in Opposition to COVID-19 Mandates, Call For Immediate End of Mask Requirements
California Governor Gavin Newsom Announces ‘Endemic’ Approach to COVID-19
Lawsuit Filed Against Illinois House Speaker After Lawmakers Ejected For Not Wearing Masks
Portugal To End Most COVID-19 Regulations, ‘A Step Towards a Return to Normal Life’
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Announces Impending End Of COVID-19 Isolation Requirement
California Government Confirms Indoor Mask Requirements Will End On Feb. 15
Delaware Governor Lifts Universal Indoor Mask Mandate
New York Parents And Students Have One Mask-Free School Day In Almost Two Years
New York Judge Strikes Down Gov. Hochul's Mask Mandate
Seven Virginia School Boards Sue to Block Gov. Youngkin's Order Making Masks Optional