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Michigan Republicans Introduce Bill to Label Gender Change Procedures for Minors as First-Degree Child Abuse, Punishable By Life in Prison
Virginia Democrat Introduces Bill to Prosecute Parents Who Refuse to Affirm Child's Gender Identity
DC Comics Cancels Politically-Charged Bisexual Superman Series After Just 18 Issues
Drag Queen Story Hour Changes Name and Logo of the Organization to be More 'Inclusive'
Hundreds of Muslim Protesters Shut Down Michigan School Board Meeting Over Sexually Explicit LGBTQ Books (VIDEO)
Velma Appears To Be Lesbian In New Scooby Doo Movie
Ammon Bundy Releases New Ad Vowing to Stop 'Perverse Assault on Our Children' By 'All Means Necessary' on Day One
Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Proposes Hiring Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Consultant to Improve Michigan's Struggling Foster Care System
Democrat Lawmaker Introduces Bills to Create National Museum of American LGBTQ+ History and Culture Within Smithsonian
Netflix Appears To Remove LGBTQ Tag From Dahmer Series Following Backlash
Activists Outraged Over Netflix Putting Dahmer in 'LGTBQ' Category, This is 'Not the Representation We’re Looking For'
'Wizard Of Oz' Reimagining To Feature LGBTQ Representation
Supreme Court Declines to Block Court Order Compelling Yeshiva University to Permit LGBTQ Club
Over 20 States Sue Biden Administration Following USDA's LGBT School Meal Guidance
New Hampshire School District Says in Court Filing That They Have 'No Duty' to Inform Parents About Transgender Behavior
Whistleblower Claims BBC Squashed Stories Critical of Trans-Activism and That Staff Were Told to Develop 'Trans Brands' By Listing Pronouns
Massachusetts Bishop Issues Official Decree That Middle School Flying BLM and LGBTQ Flags Can No Longer Say They Are Catholic
Biden To Combat States' 'Anti-Transgender' Laws With New Executive Order
Texas Preacher Calls For Execution of Gays
North Carolina Preschool Teacher Resigns After Backlash For Using Flash Cards Featuring Pregnant Man to Teach Kids About Colors
Taco Bell Hosts 'Drag Brunch' Tour to Celebrate LGBTQ Culture
Tennessee Governor Signs Bill Requiring Collegiate Athletes to Compete on Teams Matching Their Biological Sex