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Jury in Parkland Shooting Sentencing Trial Will Tour School Building
Paul Pelosi Enters Not Guilty Plea in DUI Case
Georgia Residents Can Claim Unborn Children as Dependents
Michigan Supreme Court Rules LGBT Groups Included in Prohibition on Sex-Based Discrimination
Steve Bannon Found Guilty of Two Charges in Contempt of Congress Trial
Greece Enacts Ban on 'Sex-Normalizing' Surgeries for Intersex Infants
Trial For Parkland School Shooter Begins in Florida
Man Exonerated in Malcolm X Assassination Sues New York City for $40 Million
Donald Trump Deposition Postponed By New York Attorney General
Indiana Requests Supreme Court to Allow Parental Consent Requirement for Minors Seeking Abortions
Judge Declares Several Minnesota Abortion Restrictions Unconstitutional
Four Horseback Border Patrol Agents to Face Discipline Although Agency Reports There is 'No Evidence Any Agent Struck Migrant'
Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Ballot Drop Boxes Are Not Permitted
Caribbean Supreme Court Rules Antigua and Barbuda's Anti-Sodomy Law Unconstitutional
FDA Temporarily Suspends Ban on Juul Cigarettes
Amtrak Sues Owner of Truck Involved in Missouri Collision
White House Press Secretary Says Providing Abortion on Federal Lands Could Have 'Dangerous Ramifications'
Louisiana Abortion Ban 'Trigger Laws' Temporarily Blocked by Judge
Japan Court Rules Ban on Same-Sex Marriage Does Not Violate Constitution
New Jersey Lawmaker Proposes Banning Term 'Illegal Alien' From State Laws
New York Court Rules Happy the Elephant is Not a Person
Supreme Court Releases Five Opinions Amid Pro-Abortion Protest